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im having trouble

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Texas Flatpicker:
Muscle memory and practice, practice, practice...these other guys have not steered you wrong that have repsonded.

Having been self-taught by a teacher who didn't know the first thing about music, I can offer one hint that I have found helpful....find out which chords go in which key, and the key in which the song is written, then you'll seldom be playing a chord that is wrong.  Additionally, find a chord dictionary that will show you a multitude of ways to make each chord and practice alternate finger locations (for example, I seldom use my index finger when making an E chord), for good be explained later.

quote:Originally posted by Gitfiddle

One more thing .. we tend to learn to grab a chord with our index finger first THEN our middle finger THEN our ring finger THEN our pinky ... but reverse that since the pick lands on the pinky string FIRST and then the Ring and Middl and Index .. down E-A-D-G-B-E .. so learn to grab them all at once or pinky first.

Here's another reason to change up the fingers with which you make your chords.....once you have learned all the first position chords, and have become fluent with the changes within a key, you would then be wise to learn to make the same chords with the middle, ring and pinky fingers rather than the index, middle and ring fingers.  Why?  Well, an intermediate player will learn that some simple chords can be used to make some rather difficult chords if you just lay your index finger across the fretboard (make a bar with it) and then make a standard chord at a different location on the neck (for example, a simple two finger Em chord becomes a very difficult Gm chord if it is barred at the 3rd fret)....this is called barre chording and it opens up a whole different part of the neck!

Practice, practice, and just when you think you'll puke if you practice any more, do it anyway.  The earlier you can get those muscle patterns into your memory, the more quickly the chord changes will become automatic, rather than strained.


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