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Alpha Male:
Hey everyone.  There may be a similar thread to this out there, but I couldn't find one.

While reading this forum everyday, it has made me realize that there is such a wide variety of Washburn lovers on here.  We all have our own unique ways of doing things and expressing ourselves (some more unique than others).  Anyway, in my line of work, part of my job is to try and figure people out and determine what makes them tick.

Well, I got to thinking (again).  It might be interesting to start a thread where we can tell a little something about ourselves.  You can give as much or as little detail as you are comfortable with.  I realize some of this info is found in our profiles, but it is a little time-consuming going through all the profiles - and even then, the info is pretty vague.  If you think this is getting too personal, don't post anything.

I'll start.

First Name:  Brent
User Name:  Alpha Male

Story Behind Your User Name:
In Miramichi we have a Junior A hockey team called the Timberwolves.  I used to be on the team's executive board for a few years.  My wife and I are involved in the billet program and we have a player or two that lives with us every year for the entire length of the season.  Anyway, on the Timberwolves forum, I use Alpha Male as my name.  I liked it so much that I started using it elsewhere.

Reside:  Miramichi, NB, Canada

Age: will be 38 in September, 2006

Family:  Married for 8 years, 2 children (Andrew 7 and Sarah 3)

Occupation:  Chemical sales rep to pulp and paper mills

Wife's Occupation:  Medical Secretary

Hobbies:  My kids, deer hunting, baseball, darts, hockey, golf, playing guitar

Why do you like this forum?:
1) the people
2) there is a lot to learn
3) sometimes it is funny as hell

When did you buy your 1st Washburn?:  Christmas 2005

Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?:
1) Got a great deal
2) Liked the sound and the look

Future Plans:
1) To take guitar lessons
2) To get my motorcycle license and tour all of North America after I retire (the wife and kids can follow in the RV)
2) I'd like to start a Corvette collection - I love Corvettes (any year, any style)

Something Most People Don't Know About Me:
I used to be a nationally ranked dart player.  I got to travel and play in tournaments all over Canada and some of the US.  I once had a chance to make the Canadian team to travel to the World Championships in England, but got nervous and screwed it up royally.  Went to England anyway to watch the world championship and had an opportunity to play against some of the top pro's in the world - I won some, and lost some too.  Chicks dig dart players. [8D]


2005 D34SCETS Augusta

Well, as for me, I'm a sign maker of 35 years curently living in Oregon who loves playing Washburn guitars. My handle Pike comes from a fellow named Zebulon Pike, who my home town county in Pennsylvania was named after. Pike's Peak was also named after him, as well as my business, Pike Sign & Graphic. I have been with my second wife Susie for 18 years. Couple of grown kids, couple of rotties, whole bunch of guitars.

ship of fools:
My wife says I shouldnt but what the hey.
Ship of Fools
Robert Plant song listen to it
Richmond BC
53 on Sept.21
Married,3 kids(1 son 2 daughters) 2 grandsonsAnniversary tomorrow
Yep she works(darn hard too if I might add)
Karate,weapons(Martial art type)nunchuks,bo,sie's,tonfa,tecko's(iron fists)Music,woods,and of course working out in gym,did I mention I love to play with Guitars and record music.
all three,great people,learn stuff all the time,and will often have to change my depends for fresh ones thanks to a select few( they do it deliberatly,they own stocks in Depends).
Mid seventies,electric I think(mind damaged from 60's)
got it for free
I didnt play it that much,I was required to play a Gibson,then we switched to Stratocaster.
Future plans,well thats real easy to be here next year,and travel more now that little one is not so little.
You guys know everything about me just read Toaster Louis R rated thread,apperently I'm an open book.<but I am suffering from an accute case of GAS,but dont worry I am still waiting for the flash backs I'm suppose to have from the 60's I just wish they would get here sooner than later.thats my story and I'm sticking to it with outadding more,well maybe here and there

PS pike that is a very fine looking wife,but I really love your other girl,she is a fine looking Rotty,they are above all other dogs I would almost get rid of my cats for a Rotty but our place is just to small for a dog like her.[;)]

Wow Louis, that was quick, I decided to not put the photo up and took it down. Susie says to tell you thanks for the compliment though! Abby is a little sweatheart. Here's our other pup, Marco. He's 20 months old, and still a gangly teen.


Name:  Jim Dirkes
User Name:  Deacon

Story Behind Your User Name:
I am one, and my dad calls me Deacon Jim like the football player.  Of course, the fact that I'm 6'6 and 325 completes the image.  Deacon comes from the greek deaconos which means servant.  Today, I serve others to the best of my ability.

Reside:  Charleston, SC

Age: 44, October 12, 1961

Family:  Married for 7 years (8 on Nov 21), 2 children (Ellisa 23 and Ian 6)

Occupation:  Clinical Netwsork Systems Engineer at the Medical University of SC; Director of Young Adult Ministries at my local church.

Wife's Occupation:  Paralegal at Motley-Rice.

Hobbies:  Teaching, motorcycles, collecting guitars, computers, playing guitar

Why do you like this forum?:
1) the people
2) the guitars
3) there's an opportunity to help other people.
4) did I mention the people?

When did you buy your 1st Washburn?:  Feb 1999

Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Liked the sound and the look

Future Plans:
1) Quit my job and go into fulltime Christian ministry.
2) Start a restaurant

Something Most People Don't Know About Me: I was stabbed to death in 1985 when I stopped a lowlife loser from raping my girlfriend.  Once in the heart, again in the left lung, and a 14 slice on the left arm, cutting the radial artery.  God had a plan for my life, even back then.  I quit drinking on August 10, 1985 as a result... life is good.

Jim Dirkes - aka Deacon
Charleston, SC
The Pack:
2005 Washburn J56SW Timbercraft
2005 Washburn D34SCE Augusta
2004 Washburn WD18SW
2004 Washburn NV100C Classical
1996 Washburn D46S Cheyenne
1998 Washburn XB925 Zebra wood

The Rest:
2005 Epiphone Les Paul Classic
1981 Electra Phoenix X140N


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