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Anyone interested in Praise and Worship?

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Steve Azulay:
I live in Redlands,California and I Lead P&W for my church as well as the Youth Group and also Lead songs for a few Prayer meetings. I see that this part of the forum has been left to be a ghost town but  I am just wondering if anyone wants to get together and Worship the Lord. let me know...[;)]   P.S there is nothing like a bunch of guitarist playing together!

Well, if you lived in GEORGIA, I'd give you a call, but California's a little too far for me.

Good luck finding some playing partners!

P.S. - you're right, there's nothing like a bunch of guitarists playing together! Especially if they're playing for God!

Steve Azulay:
Bigoldron, if you are ever in California bring your guitar and if I ever visit Georgia I will do the same![:D]  God bless you.

I am the house guitarist for a 6700 + member mega Church in Birmingham Alabama. Yep Southern Cal is just a little to far WEST for the Southeaster jam group bro to participate [;)]! Yep on the P/W I play for Cathedrial here and also do Worship Confereces and the like as a hired gun.
Here are a couple clips. This one from Panama City Florida outdoors on the strip This one is from one of our Sunday services at COC This one is with me backing Kent Henry at COC
Here is my normal onstage view on Sundays

Steve, maybe we can all make a pilgrimage to Birmingham and jam with Ascension. With that size church, they'd hardly notice us...


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