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Any B10 owners out there?

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I have just finished replying to another member about the B10 and I got to thinking, are there many of you out there who own the B10 series Washburn bass?

I have owned mine since about 1988 and I love this bass... wouldn't swap it for anything! I'm not gigging any more (well, not for a while anyway) but still play my B10 (and the crappy Aria Pro II guitar I recently bought) to do some home recording with my Mac.

I am also searching for a Washburn guitar from the same era... or a cheap Fender Jaguar [:D]

So, B10 owners, 'fess up now!

obviously none then?

For what it's worth, here's my (rather grubby) B10...


Hello marc_zande,
just found your entry on the B10. I'm sorry I don't own one yet but I was just offered a 1990-produced Force ABT B10. I wonder if you could help with the specs, please? All I know of so far is that is has Washburn hardware and passive SingleCoil PU's also by Washburn. What I'm uncertain about is the body wood, the potentiometers, what ABT stands for (since there where also these legendary 'Bubinga Force ABT' basses by Washburn just around the early 1990s??) and a general idea of the sound. Could you explain on those, please? As for the potentiometers: I've heard that the bass was switchable between active and passive mode, that'S all I know. Thank you ever so much!

i have a mint con. b-10 1980. i love it. sorry no picture


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