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Hello, folks. I found an X-100 guitar on ebay. Looks good. However I could NOT find any reference to it in ANY of Washburn catalogs. Their X series ends on X-81. I am interested what is the body made of? Is there a maple top? Serial Number 08080130. I am interested as what wood is it built from (body and neck). Pickups can be easily replaced. Wood - not so much. I checked out some foreign websites. Half of them claim - Mahogany with maple top. Another claim basswood with maple top
 I bought a white EA20 in the mid eighties that was stolen on 8/4/16.  I purchased a new black EA20 a couple of weeks ago to replace.  The new black one doesn't look like it has ever been played.  It is in pristine condition.  Upon examination I can not find a serial number anywhere on it.  The only identifying mark I could find is on the top neck side brace (meaning, if I look in the sound hole towards the neck, the top brace) it has "FA" on that brace.  I learned on the Washburn site that it is probably a prototype or sample.  Does anyone know if the "FA" has any meaning?  I'm just trying to figure out what the heck I bought.  If it is a prototype, does that do anything to the value?
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: Any hints, which model this one could be?
« Last post by Dzigi on November 14, 2018, 09:46:06 PM »
Hello, your guitar model is HM-5V, made back in mid '80s.
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Lost forest Idol
« Last post by timtheshredder on November 14, 2018, 08:16:23 PM »
Very cool guitar. You should post some more pics.  :D
Agreed. It looks like a WE-4 with some oddities to it. Not really sure if it's worth much more than a few hundred dollars.
I usually keep the 1/4 jack in the input and just plug it in when I'm using it. I've had the battery die way to many times on me because I left it in there.
This price seems really high for this even if it is made in USA.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: Washburn CS-780
« Last post by zydac on November 13, 2018, 04:31:15 AM »
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I have a Washburn KC-600 witch I bought new in 1999 in Europe. It was made in Korea with serial number 99030113. I cannot find it in any of the catalogs or in the archive pages. All hardware is in black chrome. It has 3 pickups in a SSH setup (W411, W412, W423) and a licensed Floyd rose tremolo.

All Korean made Chicago series have a KC-xx model format and were build between 1989-1992. This has three digits. Can it be a reissue of the original Chicago series or a model for Export Market? I also fail to find any documentation on W400 stock pickups. The closest match from 1999 would be the WR/WG series, but still... not the same. The headstock has a characteristic concave arch on the bottom. Can someone help me identify it?

Unfortunately the link to the 1997-1998 Washburn Catalog (pdf, 173mb) is now broken, but a few months ago it was working and I couldn't find a match.

Here is the 1999 archive:

Model: Washburn KC-600 (Made in Korea)
Production: 1999 (?)
Color: Vintage Sunburst
Strings: 6
Neck: Bolt on maple (?) with rosewood (?) fingerboard
Body: Alder (?)
Scale: 25 1/2" (647.7mm)
Nut: 43mm
Frets: 22
Inlays: Sharkfin
Hardware: Black Chromed
Machinheads: Grover Mini Rotomatics 205BC Black Chrome
Bridge: Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patent Tremolo System
Selector switch: 5 positions
Controls: 1 volume (push-pull coil splitting) and 1 tone
Pickups: SSH
1 single coil (W411)
1 single coil (W412)
1 humbucker (W423)
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