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I had noticed that the 60 model had dropped off the inventory list at WMS, glad to hear you got one!

It has taken a while for me to develop an appreciation of my took a while for the strings to settle in and in fact I still have the factory strings on mine. My 60 was at a disadvantage because I had recently purchased a couple of WG26S guitars and they appear to my old, noise damaged ears to have better spectral balance as well as greater volume than the 60. Having said all that, though, I'd have to say that my 60 is in the top half of my collection regarding play time. It's a pleasant guitar to play and there's something about those slope-shouldered dreads that really helps them shine in a group.

I had wondered how the 50 model sounds...I expected it to have a more woody sound because of the Koa used for the sides and backs.


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Yeah, Ship...lots of companies "downsizing" now in this competitive business environment and we can certainly expect that trend to continue. I agree...what a shame! We get a lot of great potential members who make a one-time request (usually for wiring instructions/valuations) and we never again hear from them. I know this is a common phenomenon in our industry (in fact I was a "one post wonder" on the Takamine guitar forum), but I'd like to suggest that the support services provided by our forum members would be likely to reduce the magnitude of demand that would become Washburn's responsibility if this forum "disappears".

A bit of "moderator support" would be nice now and then. I can only post from work until this iPhone issue is resolved...and I am one of our most active posters.


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BUMP TTT, hoping an admin will help with this ongoing issue!


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Thanks for the suggestion, Ship... but it didn't work.

Here is what I did...signed off using the "Log Out" tab on the grey tool bar.

Logged back on using the "sign in" tab on the tool bar...did not select the "remain logged on" option, but chose the 60 minute option.

Tried to respond to this thread with my cell phone.

Got this message: "Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator"

I've done that, even sent a PM to WBNick (but not to WEBgUy). I think there is some setting on the forum that is prohibiting posts by an iPhone, but don't know if that's true. I just always get that "Please try again" prompt.

It's frustrating b/c I don't have my desktop connected at home...had a crash caused by a Mother Earth News flash drive and just now got it fixed. I use my iPhone MUCH more than I do my computer, even when it is functional. I try to be of help to those who post questions on the forum...but the iPhone posts are always refused by that error message.

Surely someone can do something about that....

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The problem persists!

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REALLY? You spammed a thread authored by the administrator of this forum?

You obviously need more help than just a few customers.

Shame on you!   >:(

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Brresser, ignore that last post...spammers!

Isn't the WD750SW still in Washburn's catalog? If so, you should be able to get the valuation from there.

[Edit...guess not...hard to find on the internet, too. Try a forum search (on the grey bar at the top of the forum), perhaps somebody has posted a comment and mentioned price.]

It's an all solid-wood guitar, so it will have some value...if you're trying to sell it, though, you need to know that used Washburns don't hold their value like Taylors, Breedloves, Gibsons or Martins...with the exception of the DB models, which seem to be holding on.

It appears that the WD750SW was discontinued in 2012, based on what I read on the few threads that discussed that model.

Did you buy the guitar from an authorized Washburn dealer?


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On my classicals the G-string is the SMALLEST of the wound strings.

Most of the time I find the opposite...the G string seems muted in comparison to all of the other strings.

I wonder if the UST pickup (just an assumption it's a UST) might be a two part item, one part for strings 1-3 and the other part for strings 4-6. That might explain why the G string seems loudest, it would be the only wound string on that part of the UST.  Just a guess, though.

If you bought the guitar from an authorized Washburn dealer you should have a limited lifetime warranty. I would doubt that it would be necessary to send it back to the Washburn headquarters, they would probably refer you to a music store that is an authorized dealer for evaluation. It might just be a simple adjustment.

Hope this helps a little.

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Washburn Dealers Section / Re: Washburn WM100 value!!?
« on: February 23, 2018, 11:31:30 AM »
Btw i dont know how to upload pics on the forum but its a red one, with a pretty wicked top!

Take a look at the uppermost thread in the "General Discussion"'s all about posting photos.


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Spammers  >:(

General Discussion / Washburn with no serial number on the label?
« on: February 10, 2018, 04:40:50 PM »
Ever seen a Washburn without a serial number on the label inside the body of the guitar?

I was surfing around on eBay and found one...hope I can get the copied URL to show it.

Well, it didn't display the URL for the photo, but you can still find it on the eBay photos.


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Hey, appears that the advice regarding the WG26S is a bit off...sort of.

I just regained one of my WG26S guitars that I had loaned out and noticed something. The quality of the lutherie and "appointments" may differ depending on where the instrument was built. One of my WG26S guitars has the identical bindings, etc as does the WSJ60SELITE...but the other one has more (as I have described them before) "deluxe" appointments.

I think I'll go to and see if I can open an account. The difference is extra layers in all of the bindings...two very thin layers adjacent to the maple bindings, black and white, adorn one of the instruments and on the other WG26S those layers are notably absent, as they are on the WSJ60SELITE. The difference is much easier to see than it is to describe, so perhaps in a week or two I'll join Postimage and see about getting the photos up...along with serial numbers, the first two "letters" of which should be different if they are made in different factories, which is what I suspect happens.

None of this appearance issues makes any difference in their splendid sound, though...they are, as woodrat states, just great sounding guitars. As luck would have it, though, just yesterday I was tuning up my WSJ60S and I heard a "twang"...sounded like someone lifted a string and let it snap down against the fretboard. All of a sudden the sound quality improved to the point where it's difficult to tell the difference between the WSJ60S model and the WG26S model...what a stroke of good luck, there must have been something that was binding or otherwise inhibiting the strings from laying close to the post on the tuner...whatever it was,  the sound is now much better.

I note that you have the WMJ11S...that is a spruce/hog build. If you like the sound of that tonewood combination and are still in the market for one of the ELITE models, did you look at the WSJ50SKELITE? It has a solid spruce soundboard with laminate koa sides and backs and is still the large, dread size Southern Jumbo model. That might sound more like your WMJ11S than the 60 version, which is solid cedar over cocobolo, but if a dread is too large for you, the SJ's might be, also.

Dang.....I bet it would be difficult to find one of the WSJ50S's in a guitar shop...I think WMS bought the entire stock, if what the president of the company told me is accurate. The ELITE models were built specifically to be sold through various Washburn authorized dealers that were going to be granted "ELITE" status by Washburn...and AFAIK none of the "ELITE" dealerships were ever established. Maybe a google search would find one, IDK.

Good luck!


Dugly 8)


Why won't the forum accept a post from my iPhone?

I ask because I use my iPhone more for internet usage than I do for communication and it's not infrequent for me to try to reply to threads with it. Invariably the forum displays this banner that says something to the effect of "Try again. If you get this message again, contact an administrator".

Well, that's what I'm trying to do.

Is there some way you can fix this?

I have no problems posting to the other forums on which I participate with the iPhone, it is an issue that reserved strictly for this forum...and it doesn't matter which board I'm trying to post on, the forum never lets an iPhone post from me through.

Cheers? Not yet, but I'm hoping I can cheer when this issue is fixed.

Dugly 8)

Our WMJs are a pretty shallow guitar and that is the major difference between the two.

Trouble will not allow me to post from my iPhone  >:(

Trying again from the desktop at work...Phil, here are some measurements I took over the weekend:

Depth measurements at the center of the butt of the guitars:

WMJ21S= 4 1/8"
WSJ60S= 4 7/8"
WG26S= 5"

Depth measurements at the sound-hole, taken from the inside of the back to the top of the soundboard:

WMJ21S= 3 7/8"
WSJ60S= 4 3/8"
WG26S= 4 1/4"

Width measurements at the waist of the guitar:

WMJ21S= 9 1/2"
WSJ60S= 10 1/2"
WG26S= 10"

Width measurements of the lower bout:

WMJ21S= 15 1/2"
WSJ60S= 15 1/2"
WG26S= 16"

Width measurements of the upper bout:

WSJ60S= 11 1/2"
WG26S= 11 3/4"

The WMJ series is clearly the thinnest...if depth is the issue you're facing with your size requirements, the WSJ60S is between 1/2" and 3/4" "deeper" than the WMJ21S. The "Southern Jumbo" design is just a slope-shouldered dread size guitar. I now have two slope-shouldered guitars, and I like the tonal balance of both of them very much. My Epi AJ500RC Masterbilt has the advantage regarding playability (it has a very nice, thick V-neck) and sound (it is clearly louder than the WSJ60S model).

I've included measurements for the WG26S, not because you expressed an interest in that model, but because WMS has a fantastic price for  that model and among the three it is clearly the superior instrument in regards to lutherie, volume, playability and tonal balance...and all of the MOP bling certainly doesn't hurt! If you can wrap yourself around the WG26S, it would be my first choice. The only possible negatives you may have with the instrument are, IMHO, the depth of the guitar, as well as the size of the upper bout...but there's good news there---since the vast majority of my playing is accomplished sitting, that larger upper bout sure keeps the waist of the guitar from sliding around on my thigh. It is a pleasant and unexpected feature of the WG26S, which is a "Grand Auditorium" body style.

I hope this helps, Phil....if you'd like a specific measurement comparison that I haven't posted, let me know and I'll get it up. It might be a problem getting the forum to accept the post from my iPhone on a weekend, but it seems to do quite well if I post from a desktop, which requires me to be at work.

OTOH, that cocobolo on the WSJ60S is visually quite SPECTACULAR...if the appearance of your guitars comes into play in your decisions, based on visual impact it would be hard to beat the WSJ60S for physical beauty...and it does have decent sound, it's just not quite at the level of the WG26S in that respect!


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Our WMJs are a pretty shallow guitar and that is the major difference between the two.

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