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With Gregg Allman's passing, it's going to be very hard to find anyone who's willing to let their EA-20 MX "Melissa" go (at a reasonable price).  I only know of 1 that has come up for sale in the last 2 + years.  It was in pretty rough shape, as I recall, and was not one of the original 500 unit production run....but it did sell for a lot more than I paid for mine many years ago.
General Discussion / Gregg Allman
« Last post by bigcity2 on Today at 09:36:21 AM »
R.I.P. inspired our generation with your voice and music....

If anyone has one please give me a call cell 757 342 5558 of email I have been looking for one forever. I am not a dealer or resaler.
just saw this Washburn Maverick BT6 HSH (mine has a Takeuchi Floyd Rose) -
Congrats Dugly!

And which is your favorite SJ?

(I'll have some news soon, too :D)

My Epiphone. It is one of their Masterbilt models...a slope shouldered dread size guitar, but being a Masterbilt it is all solid-woods. I don't know if it is the bracing pattern on their "Advanced Jumbo" models, or what, but it is far and away my favorite guitar and without a doubt the loudest acoustic guitar I own. Masterbilts are well respected and my AJ500RC sounds as good as any Gibson I have ever played, it is that good!

Yeah, I like the 1 3/4" nut. Washburn makes a solid spruce top/lam koa sides and back model WSJ50SKELITE. It has a 1 11/16" nut. Most of us who like cedar tops are primarily finger-style players, so a lot of cedar-top guitars have wider nuts. Good for Washburn for having recognized and addressed the different preferences in the construction of this ELITE series. From what I have heard the ELITE series guitars were available only from Washburn ELITE designated dealers. I notice the WSJ50SKELITE has wood bindings, but the specs for the WSJ60SK do not address the nature of the bindings. When I get it, which won't be until June 15 at the earliest (I am out of town until then and don't want it sitting on my doorstep for everyone else to see...and want???), I will return to this thread and list construction details. For a while I had GAS for a D10SLTD, which has wood bindings. I think the ivoriod bindings look like cheap plastic and the wood bindings give a guitar a look of well-crafted class! We shall see how this WSJ60SKELITE arrives...there must be something special about the ELITE series for it to have been available only through specially chosen dealers!!

I have high hopes that this Washburn SJ slope-shouldered dread will come close to the Epi AJ  :D

Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming HNGD experience!!


Dugly 8)
General Discussion / Re: WG26 variations
« Last post by YerDugliness on May 27, 2017, 12:16:45 PM »
I don't think so, Tony. I just this morning had to make a choice between the WG26S at $239and a new Washburn Southern Jumbo (SJ60SKELITE) at $299...the case was the deciding factor in my decision.

I WILL have a WG26S at the next doubt (unless they sell out...I'll call on a regular basis to check their inventory...I have the $$$ in savings right now, just too cheap to break into savings if the stock will last until the next paycheck).

I sincerely doubt if the sides/back graining will match. If it were an SW model Washburn would certainly want their customers to know!

Stay tuned...if inventory gets low it might just be another NGD for Dugly before payday!


Dugly 8)
Congrats Dugly!
According to a quick research, it has a Nut width 1-3/4", that's cool for a SJ.
Cocobolo can have really nice patterns, so be sure to post some photos as soon as you have it!
And which is your favorite SJ?

(I'll have some news soon, too :D)
X Series / 2005 X Series Pro
« Last post by Cadmandu on May 27, 2017, 11:47:30 AM »
Hi All,
Can you help me ID this guitar?
Ser 0c05010848

It is sunburst just says Pro on the neck plate.
Could it be a X12 QVS or a X10
General Discussion / Re: WG26 variations
« Last post by Tony Raven on May 27, 2017, 11:34:02 AM »
Be sure to tell us what theinside wood looks like! ;D

I have to admit, it's certainly a pretty axe. The abalone (purfling & rosette) is a nice touch, but you had me at "cedar top" -- currently I own neither a Grand nor a cedar, so this is tempting... but I got to pass, even at a mere $240 all-in.

(Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but does that include a gig bag at least?)
I get a daily email from one of the online music stores and I was interested in buying a WG26S, so I went to their website to check their merchandise. I found the WG26S for a very nice price...and then I happened to look further and found a very unusual Washburn that excited me even more...a Southern Jumbo model!

Upon further investigation it became clear to me that I had to have one! My very favorite steel string guitar (not a Washburn) is a slope-shouldered "Southern Jumbo" size instrument in my favorite tonewood combination, cedar/rosewood. This WSJ60SKELITE has a solid cedar soundboard and laminate "cocobolo" sides and back. Turns out cocobolo is a very hard species of rosewood...after I found that out (it sure LOOKED like rosewood!) the GAS was too hard to resist. I have been looking for a decent camping guitar and the price was low enough (Washburn hardshell case included) that the decision was easy to make!

There WILL be a WG26S in "the crew" in a month. This SJ was just too attractively priced to pass up now...and I have VERY RARELY seen Washburn "slope shouldered" SJ models for sale.

Looks like I will need more guitar stands soon!!


Dugly 8)
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