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Title: New J6 owner
Post by: MiguelloJ-6 on October 14, 2017, 09:31:08 PM
Found an older J6 blonde at a pawn shop. I was instantly drawn in by the looks, then I took it down and played it.  I was surprised by how much sound it makes, and better yet how good it sounds. I put a third of the asking price down on it, and with any luck I can go pick it up next Friday. Anyways, the serial number is below. Am I correct in thinking it is a 92?  It doesn't have the big W tailpiece, it has the bent wire style, with the art deco looking center decoration. Gold hardware and gold tuner with a flat disc cover on the back, and Washburn on each.  Very similar to the tuners I've found on Korean guitars more than a few times. knobs are gold plastic with notches cut out. It also has been modified with dual working outputs. I guess the previous owner played two amps at once? I also spotted an orange drop cap inside the body. I am hoping the pickups are upgraded too.

S/N 9205096
Title: Re: New J6 owner
Post by: Tony Raven on October 15, 2017, 12:26:14 PM
A truly great model, IMO worth far more than the $600 (+/- $150) they sell for.

It's one of the longest-lived Washburn models, running 1989-2004. I can't remember which tailpiece came first, but my (increasingly foggy ;)) memory says the "W" is most recent. Possibly it's an '89, but mostly I think you're right with '92.

Stereo output? Yah, maybe, though I'd guess it was for recording work, with one pickup right to the board & the other to a monitor amp or phones. (If I had to run a stereo output cross-stage, it'd be with a single stereo cord.) Even atthat, I'd still consider putting a low-Z pickup in for recording, but to each his own.

But don't fall for gear hype. There's all sorts of superstitious claptrap about Magical Capacitors -- Orange Drops, Bumblebees, Tropical Fish, gevalt!! -- & it's entirely BS. For 40+ years, I've replaced the common brown ceramic disks because it's not unusual for the darned things to shatter; my replacements have been green Mylars, because they're common & cheap & reliable. Anyone who pays an upcharge for a part worth less than a dollar is a fool who maybe SHOULD be parted from his money. 8)

To date, I have yet to meet a player who can tell by ear whether a pickup is a Lover-spec PAF or a new Artec, or detect any sonic difference between Alnico V & Alnico II. They are far less likely to tell the difference between capacitors... & the fact is that 98% of players don't fiddle with the guitar's Tone knob anyway. (IMO, most players would do better to remove the control entirely: less noise AND clearer sound.)

I've been told by "oldschool" jazz players that a proper jazzbox ought to be strung with .012 flatwounds. In any case, stuffing in the same boring usual overpriced overhyped pickups would be nuts, as those units are almost always designed to be stuck in a solid slab of wood ~1.75" thick. A "hot" pickup is only going to make a jazzbox sound boomy, & that's why players go online to fripe about how the guitar sucks ::) because of course it can't be THEIR fault for being clueless.
Title: Re: New J6 owner
Post by: MiguelloJ-6 on October 16, 2017, 07:41:26 AM
Yeah there's no way I'd stick a 12-15k pickup in a hollow body and expect goodness. My 66 Harmony Rocket feeds back n the clean channel, with DeArmond single coils, lol. I will most likely be trying out some mellow jazz licks, to satisfy my curiosity on the matter. I have ten well now 11 electric guitars, including 4 Les Paul style, a Thinline Tele, two MIM Strats, etc. I have orange drops on nearly everything I own, just because they're cheap and if it helps then just fine. To me it does seem to tame the raspy jagged edges on some guitars when running OD. I've started looking into strings now. I tried some flatwound a loooong time ago, so I may try them at least briefly on this beast.

I've been wanting a jazz guitar for a while now, and missed out on a similar Oscar Schmidt in black a year or two ago for $250. I gave myself a day or two to think about it, and someone made the call by buying it, lol. This one ended up being about $315 + tax.. I should be able to pick it up Friday. I am starting a new job this week, so waiting on my final check from the last job.

It looks exactly like this one, but less perfect of course.

Title: Re: New J6 owner
Post by: Ajm558 on October 29, 2017, 09:02:59 AM
I have to agree with a lot of points made in the last two points, and clarify one or two others.  Hot pickups are not the way to go with hollows and semi-hollow guitars.  Anything over 10.0k dcr is asking for bad tone.  Jazz boxes should not go over 9.0k.  I'll admit these are also aggressive numbers.

As for pots and caps, it's all a mixed bag.  All I know is that those tiny ceramic disks suck because they break down and can be more likely to break down or sound different due to climate.  I tend towards cts pots and Orange drop caps.  Not because there is any perceivable tone difference between them and the supposed higher level components.  Orange drops and cts pots are more consistent and reliable.  I have a PIO and a Orange Drop cap in a guitar of mine.  I cannot tell a difference at all.  But I could tell the difference between ceramic cap and Orange Drop.   I am sure a mylar cap would be just as good.  The fact that this J6 seems to have some upgraded components would be a good sign that the previous owner knew what they were doing.

Enjoy that beautiful J6.