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General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / HM20VK ?!?!
« on: October 20, 2008, 07:55:47 PM »
I've noted that Washburn's got a retro reissue out- the HM20VK but it's not listed in their website and I can't seem to find any stats on it anywhere on the web. What the *#$@ gives? Does anyone know anything about this aside from the ambiguous blurb they have in americanmusical and a few other sites? Like the wood it's parts are constructed from, the locking tremolo make/model, who made the pickups, the scale, number of frets (though judging by the picture, I'd say it's  24) etc. ?

Hey fellow music dudes,
Anyone in the Chester County area that's interested in some musical collaborations, contact me. I have band experience and digital recording gear, PA, mic's and a sweet loft studio. Drums are a small problem but I have several decent machines to fill in. I'm a N4 player who vascillates easily between rock, metal, psychedelia, blues and even a little jazz and funk. Looking for a jam situation, perhaps recording and even some live performances. Have access to a keyboardist and a kick ass drummer.

Here's one more from the Philly region. Not in a formal band but I jam with some folks in the 'burbs. Chester County actually. Always looking for a fun jam get together and some cool bands to go see. Grape Street, the Troc, 15th North St., Maddies, etc. Yo, Nox, I dated a chick in Forty Fort. Ring a bell? That's your territory I think.

No, I was never Jimbo Jambo. But you are correct about the metal wearing on the knife edges and that's what happened. My N4 is at least 7 years old and I am a notorious whammy bar abuser. My guess is the use/abuse caused the wearing of the knife edge. I called and emailed around trying to find replacements after reading that the edges are indeed replacable. Washburn didn't seem to bat an eye at my request though they did say they had to skuttle the edges from an existing new Schaller unit. And Accept2? Yeah, I emailed Schaller. Still awaiting a reply. I may have to break down and buy another Schaller because while I've used original Floyds, Schallers, Ibanezes, and quite a host of knock-offs, I actually prefer the Schallers. Schaller was manufacturing the original Floyds for a long time any way. The difference is that the Schallers are now made froma solid block of steel for a warmer sound.

Okay, for those of you who own a Nuno N4 (or any guitar)with the Schaller Floyd Rose locking tremolo, I have a question: How do you remove the hardened steel knife edge inserts in order to replace them? The customer service guys at Washburn were kind enough to give me a brand new set of the inserts but I cannot figure out how to remove the old ones. I'm going crazy here because I've got the trem system pulled outta my N4 and I can't play it until I get this issue resolved. Yeah, I have other guitars but none of them shred, burn and wail like my N4. HELP!

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