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serial 0111029

means 2001?


I'm new to the forum and came in search of any info on this guitar like if its a custom one off and just a weird run of NX6's with a floyd. None of the catalogs show it...i just got in on trade. Not sure how or if i can upload images but i will email them direct to anybody that can help me find out what this guitars is and any history? my email is

Its looks like a NX6 minus the Floyd style trem unit, Has direct mount pickups, Plus it has a Bat on the end of the headstock?? not sure if that was added later or what but it looks like  just like the washburn decal material. Searched and found a photo of a guitar like it but it had pickup rings.

the Owner said something about the band Shadows fall when asked what the guitar was. This is second hand info to me since I didn't take it on trade.

Made in the USA serial number 0111029 
Paduk in the N4 Body shape
Regular Headstock (N4 Style)
Ebony board with MOP Dots
2 humbuckers without Rings (direct mounted) Seymour duncans
German Made floyd Rose schaller style.
Grover tuners.
3 way switch on lower horn.

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