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General Discussion / Re: Washburn with no serial number on the label?
« Last post by woodrat on Today at 04:58:21 PM »
Here's another serial oddity:  I've got an R320swrk with a small Ser. No. label pasted over the usual Washburn label.  The number appears to be:  *OI 12080xxx.  (the last digits are scratched off)  Elsewhere label indicates "Crafted in Indonesia"  I purchased new in 2009...
Show Us Your Washburn / Washburn CS-780
« Last post by dougramos on Today at 02:30:05 PM »
Yes! This guitar is a destructive machine! Very devalued and swallowed by other more modern brands, the Washburn suffered a little with their models The new line 2017 parallaxe came with everything to reaffirm the washburn at the top.
Speaking of excellent guitar, we have the Washburn CS-780, launched in 2001 and considered one of the top of the catalog of the time. And it's no use, as it has the following specifications:
Body carved Mahogany fine shape (same as Ibanez Frank Gambale)
Maple Neck
Rosewood Scale 24 jumbo frets
Duncan Design Pickups
Floyd Rose Licensed
Groover 18: 1 Tuners
1 volume and 1 tone with push-pull

I have one in White Pearl color intact with no scratches.
It's a rare guitar with a killer sound.

The guitar is comfortable because the shape of the body is soft. U-arm brings a comfortable and fast footprint. The 5-way switch with push-pull option brings a variety of sounds.
Without a doubt a complete guitar.

Oh, and it's one of the few brands to ship their armored factory guitars.
Washburn rocks

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: LT-92 for sale
« Last post by Tony Raven on Today at 11:47:27 AM »
I suppose it's possibly the real thing, though at closest it'd be a Mundelein-modded LT-92.

But the credibility of the seller is... oh, hell, he is a total moron. ;D
Sought after Grover neck
In the photos, I can't even verify I'm seeing Grover tuners.

A dual-rail Duncan in the bridge, but I wouldn't take at face value that the others are also SD.

The serial number bothers me. Was Washburn using a Gibson-type presser in the Custom Shop?

Probably a decent guitar (Jackson-era, right?) but IMO overpriced at $650 unless in at least +95% condition (no dings at all!!), with original branded HSC, & provenance paper (at least a sales slip).
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / LT-92 for sale
« Last post by bigcity2 on Today at 06:53:14 AM »
I'm a little suspicious about this listing....this is the second model like this that I've seen  ( 3 single coil pickups / metallic glitter finish )  I don't think this is an LT-92.... might be a one off?

Show Us Your Washburn / Re: 19??s Classical
« Last post by bigcity2 on Today at 06:06:36 AM »

Do you plan on keeping the C-20 or are you thinking about selling?
General Discussion / Re: Old catalog's
« Last post by Tony Raven on February 18, 2018, 05:10:48 PM »
The official collection (most years 1990 through 2016) still seem to be available --

I've gotten some key info from VintAxe. Some of their PDFs require a paid subscription, though. Their Washburn selection (though spotty) has a 1978, & seven entries from the 1980s --
I sold a couple of Washburn catalogs to them years ago, & have bought a couple of items for other brands -- not cheap, but invaluable.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: 19??s Classical
« Last post by ship of fools on February 18, 2018, 11:34:48 AM »
thanks for that info will update my info Jim as always and bigcity knows more then any of us.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: 19??s Classical
« Last post by bigcity2 on February 18, 2018, 05:47:04 AM »
Here's some information from the archives on this model:

MODEL:                            C-20
MANUFACTURED:            1988-1992 and again in 1994
FINISH:                            Natural
MSRP:                              $269.90....1989 price guide
SCALE LENGTH / NUT:    650mm SCALE / 50mm NUT
ELECTRONICS:                NONE
BRIDGE:                           ROSEWOOD
TUNERS:                          CHROME / NYLON BUTTON

This model sold for $ 129.00 - $ 149.00 in 1994-1995.   The 1994 run is slightly different from the earlier 1988-92 run. ( Likely manufactured by a different vendor)  This model is kind of hard to come by for some reason.  Here's one that I own:

Just a note:
     I've supplied Bluebook with updates on several of the C series Washburns that were manufactured from 1979 through the mid 1990s.  Bluebook, however,  chooses not to update their data base with the information I've provided on the C-10, C-20, C-30, C-50, C-60 and other Washburn models.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: 19??s Classical
« Last post by TinyViking on February 17, 2018, 10:08:29 PM »
Thank you so much! Could've sworn my mother got it before the '90s, but I have no firm knowledge to argue you with, haha. Do you know how much the guitar went for or anything like that?
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: 19??s Classical
« Last post by ship of fools on February 17, 2018, 12:14:36 PM »
well what you have is a 1994 ( only made during that year) spruce top mahogany ( laminate ) b/s was one of the lower models but all that matters is that you love it I have never had an opportunity to play one so can't really tell you much more. good luck and enjoy
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