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Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: EA22 Nuno Bettencourt Platinum Edition
« Last post by evenkeel on March 23, 2017, 06:51:01 AM »
Here is the Blue book skinny..

- single sharp cutaway folk style, spruce top, oval soundhole, bound body, five-stripe purfling, ninestripe rosette, mahogany back/sides/neck, 21-fret bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl wings inlay, rosewood bridge with white black dot pins, bound blackface peghead with screened signature/logo, three-per-side chrome Grover tuners, acoustic bridge pickup, volume/tone control, 3-band EQ, numbered commemorative metal plate inside body, available in Black finish, mfg. 1992-94.  Note: at least one white in existence.  Labeled “Platinum Edition”  1991 build date.
Grading 100% Excellent Average
N/A $475 - 550 $300 - 350
Last MSR was $1,000.

Your estimate of about 1,500 models built is as good a guess as any.  Washburn did not keep very good records of that kind of info.  The bad news for you is the demand for these guitars is not what it used to be.  The Blue Book value has been at best static for years.  But BB values are not always a good indicator as the number of guitars sold is so small.  So getting an accurate average is difficult.  Best guess, assuming the guitar is in really great shape you might get $550. 

serial 0111029

means 2001?
It could possibly be custom variation of X-81 Face Eraser, Jon Donais signature model. Description does not match ones I remember seeing but it could have been custom order. Upload picture to one of the hosting sites and then post IMG code here. Feel free to e-mail picture as well if that works better.
Idol Series / Re: What have I bought?
« Last post by Mototech on March 22, 2017, 03:25:44 AM »
Serial number is 06091861, but I can't find it in the 2006 catalog.
Idol Series / Re: What have I bought?
« Last post by Mototech on March 22, 2017, 03:08:43 AM »
Thanks for your input Tony.
I won't have it in my hands for a few days, but I have found out it is a WI-66 pro e, somethinng to do with Zakk Wylde &  I think it originally came with EMG's. That would explain the Gothicy, metally fretboard inlay!
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Washies on the market
« Last post by Tony Raven on March 22, 2017, 12:24:09 AM »
Yep, it never fails -- when I set myself a hard budget, all sorts of cool stuff wanders past. ::) Well, maybe someone else hereabouts can snag a treasure or two.

You might think me mad for pointing out a WI-14 listed for $140 + $75. However, it comes packed in a "Washburn"-branded foamshell case. Not enough? This one comes in a rather nice shade of blue (which I haven't yet found proof was a stock color) & a somewhat dashing pickplate.

Only a little steep at $400 + $50, the seller of this SS-40 is willing to negotiate. And it at least includes the poly case.

A nice-looking KC-40V, made yet more handsome by an asking price of $115 + $20 (which of course means you could offer even less... ;)).

Rather striking HB-15C, $295 + $20.

This one... remains a total mystery to me. It's like an X-10 or -22 (offset dots, "pinwheel" trussrod, two knobs) that's been given an X-40's hardware (hsh, Rose, Grovers), not to mention the nice finish. Tempting at $180 + $45.

(The background saddens me somewhat, with the wide selection of lonely string packages. Comes a point when it'd be best to file them in a shoebox sitting on the counter.)

A last few from Guitar Center Online...

XB-500 in burgundy, $170 + s/h.

Bound black P2 (a.k.a.  CT-2), $200.

...though a Music-Go-Round has a P2Q $160 + $55.
Customer Service --

So far as I can tell, the USA manufacturing operation was closed in 2012; there might be a small shop doing Nuno stuff, but it's nowhere near 180 jobs. Any records of the guitar's production might take Customer Service a while to locate.
Idol Series / Re: What have I bought?
« Last post by Tony Raven on March 21, 2017, 10:56:18 PM »
Definitely an Idol. What does the trussrod cover say?

I'm certain I've seen one before, but can't ID it offhand.

No such thing as "wrong" pickups on a Washburn. Seems like the most common Washburn mod is to ditch the pickups (though, personally, I've got no complaints).

More controversial is the VCC ("voice contour control") knobs in place of the usual Gibson-style Tone knobs. The idea was that instead of switching off one coil to get a "single-coil sound," the player would be able to not merely "dial in" either sound, but get anything in-between. As a bonus, the circuit offers "single-coil sound" with no hum. IME, it works pretty well... but guitar players tend to be wee small creatures with little tolerance for anything new that isn't an effects box or amp.

At a guess, I'd say the fifth knob is a Tone knob, & it looks like there's a switch to skip right past the whole VCC thing & cut from double- to -single-coil (or maybe it's a phase switch).

If I'm correct about the Tone knob, that does strike me as a little odd. Most times when someone puts in a different pickup, they gut the guitar & put in a standard Gibson-style harness. (I figure that eventually this will be seen as akin to pulling the Varitone out of an ES-355. :o) adding a knob suggests that the VCC is still there.

In any case, it suggests previous ownership by a serious player.
that needs a lot of work but they are a really good guitar
Idol Series / What have I bought?
« Last post by Mototech on March 21, 2017, 02:35:17 PM »
Hi folks, I'm new here,so please be gentle with me.
I've just bought a Washburn, which I believe is an Idol, but I know no more about it, other than I'm told it has the wrong pickups & somebody has added an extra pot for some reason.
Any insight would be very helpful.
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