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General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Fret Size on a Washburn N2
« Last post by THRobinson on September 28, 2017, 10:13:33 AM »
Those seem a bit large versus what I measured... I understand some wear and inaccuracy is expected measuring old frets but

2.67mm/0.105in W  x  0.97mm/0.038in H

Dunlop 6100
2.79mm/0.110in W  x  1.40mm/0.055in H

... the 6100's seem to be much further off than the 2 I had listed. Not a big deal if re-fretting the entire neck but I only plan to swap the 1 fret.
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Fret Size on a Washburn N2
« Last post by WEBgUy on September 28, 2017, 09:38:10 AM »
Customer Service says the closest it Dunlop 6100.
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Fret Size on a Washburn N2
« Last post by THRobinson on September 28, 2017, 08:13:18 AM »
Well... no idea what the tang measures.

Fret itself I took the digital calipers to. Width was 2.67mm/0.105in and height 0.97mm/0.038in.

Looking online, I tried to match the width, but because likely the originals were filed down a bit for leveling I tried to find something a bit taller.

Closest I could find were...

Jescar 47104 - 2.64mm/0.104in wide  x  1.19mm/0.047in high
Dunlop 6140 - 2.69mm/0.106in wide  x  0.99mm/0.039in high

I couldn't find anything the exact same width that wasn't too low to use, but, for either fret the difference is only 0.02mm/0.001in off so I could be off by that much with my measuring and doubt anyone could really tell the difference anyways with such a small variance.

The Dunlops I am finding cost 2.5x as much as the Jescar's, and for that particular Part#, a bit harder to find than other Dunlop frets. Jescar is also taller than what I have so can file down to the same height.

Jescar from Philadelphia Luthiers, you can also get pre-radius-ed. These are a 12" radius so, there ya go.

Again, no idea of the tang size, since still in the guitar. But to match the height/width of the fret, I really don't have an option for tang height anyways.
Thank you!  WOW, that's a beautiful guitar!  I will follow your instructions next time I get a few minutes.  Work is absolutely NUTS today so it may be tomorrow or next week sometime.

Thanks again!

Try Postimage for your photos.  Use the 2 defaults to upload your image to Postimage ( 1200 x 1600 and no expiration)  After you upload... copy the Hotlink for forums link and paste it here.  When you post your reply....your image will appear.

Dugly, you're an angel.  I'll keep working on it until I get something that works.  Thank you!  Liz
We all use to use Photobucket until they held our photos ransom for a $400 "membership". I have seen links to whatever photo storage process Google uses on the is important to copy and paste the "IMG" code into the body of your post so that the photos will appear; however, I do not know if Google provides IMG codes or not because I haven't tried.

What does not seem to work is Facebook (can't see the photos unless we are Facebook members), as well as URLs that start with http: and some other "prefixes" such as jpeg photos.

I suppose some of the more technically astute have found other websites that will offer storage, but for the most part I have just stopped posting photos, which is not a problem for me but for someone who is looking to identify a unique instrument or asking for help with a repair photos are a huge help.

Here's a hint...whenever you are curious what sort of code was used to post a photo, just click on the link you would use if you were going to "quote" it...the code used for the photo will appear in the "quote". That might offer some help to some.

Some forums get around this issue by hosting the photos in some section of their forum software, but I don't think Washburn does that.

I know this is scant help...wish I had a better idea, 'cause we all like to see other peoples' instruments here.

Cheers, and here's hoping we soon find another method of posting photos!

Dugly 8)
Hey, Dugly.  I don't know anything about forums or inserting pictures.  Which photo hosting site should I use and which of the links should I insert?  Think I used URL on this one.  It looked fine when I previewed it.  Just don't want to keep trying and not get it right.

Thank you!

Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: 1925-1936 Models
« Last post by cblanch on September 26, 2017, 12:44:27 PM »
The guitar you've tagged as '1932-5202', with the 'sailor's cap' headstock and 18 fret fingerboard, would have been built between 1925 and September 1928 (ie, during the same period, immediately prior to the sale of the 'Washburn' business to JR Stewart, as the 'shrine' guitar you've shown at the top  )..  ;D                                   
PhotoBucket strikes AGAIN  >:(

Dugly 8)
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