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No hands-on advice, but (as a former sound assistant) I like the look of the BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp pedal. It offers three bands (the Mid is semi-parametric, meaning you can adjust its center frequency), a notch (great for knocking out mains hum), & an XLR lo-Z out.

There ARE better devices out there -- particularly Fishman or LR Baggs -- but generally at double the $150 tag on the BBE.

If you want to try out something downright inexpensive, though, consider the Behringer ADI-21 acoustic modeler/driver/DI. Not as sturdy, but still has the XLR out & three-band EQ with para mid. Plus, it uses DSP-type modeling to add simulated tube warmth to the too-common harshness of piezo pickups. Can still be found new for $30.

Idol Series / Re: The Idol has risen from the dead!!
« on: September 05, 2018, 02:06:17 AM »

Truly, it is GREAT to see the Idols back, considering that (to this outsider) the WI-64 looked like a solid seller AND used to have good endorsements & metalhead cachet.

...but the line was brutally terminated almost a decade ago, flushing all that goodwill & top-of-mind presence down the toilet.

The price -- rather, the perceived price:value ratio -- will probably kill this exuberance quickly.

Right this moment I'm considering  a flametop WM-100, asking $725 delivered, with OHSC. And there's a walnut-top BT-6 seeking $350 & a semihollow WI-67 ($300) -- the change from that $799 buys a LOT of upgrade.

I can admire pretty wood, but it takes cachet to sell it at a premium, & those buyers seeking cachet tend to go toward "names" -- Gibson, Fender, PRS.

At the end of the day, the model numbers themselves make clear that's a WI-26 & a WI-16 -- so NOT top-of-the-line. I'd feel weird passing up a perfect WI-64 for under $400 in order to spend much more on a "pretty pretty" axe.

Strip it down!! You don't have to stoop so low as bringing back the WI-14, but why not the WI-18?? If you're gonna go after LP players, then renew the WI-45, & make it an upgrade path to the WI-66PRO. Certainly the WIT-16 ought to RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT be being relentlessly flogged as a quality option to a Tele (especially with that pickup wiring!).

And whose bright idea was it to demote the WIS-26 rather than make it a proper heir to the WI-64DL???

Make the BFTS a $20 option; if nobody thinks it's worth a double sawbuck, then you'll maybe realize it's nonsense. Better yet, get Buzzy to pay Washburn $20 per axe, seeing as how this is the last company to be giving him so much free publicity in EVERY press release & webpage & stamped on all those guitars.

Make the VCC an OPTION. Personally, I like it, & could see myself paying an extra $40, maybe a bit more. However, it loses track of the unshakeable FACT that guitarists are a primitive, superstitious people -- many believe their frets are made of silver!! :o -- & easily frightened by anything new that isn't being fobbed off on them by some Guitar God. Therefore, the VCC needs a full relaunch: multiple YouTube demos, paid articles in the magazines, its own corner of the NAMM booth, a prominent or soon-to-break endorser who gets LOTS of media exposure & raves about the VCC in interviews.

Without those things, it's a total waste, & very few people are going to rip the guts out of a NEW $800 guitar when they could just get a standard Epi LP.

Idol Series / Re: The Idol has risen from the dead!!
« on: September 05, 2018, 01:53:44 AM »
Hi, Administrator!!!

I am reporting an error.

In the previous posts, I am unable to load more than ten words at a time, as little as four. After two or three modifications, that minimal functionality often ceases entirely.

I am VERY tired of seeing that G*DDAMNED STUPID

Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.
ten and more times and STILL getting nowhere.

Thanks for your swift action.

Is there a place I can type the S/N number in etc and see it's info?
No; few serial numbers work that way. Yours probably begins with "I-" which likely means Indonesia so probably Cort manufacture. The next digit is probably the last digit of its manufacture year; the two after that might be the month; the last four digits indicate how many Washburn guitars (of various series) had been completed at that point in that month, the actual "serial number."

It's a Washburn maverick bt-4  in Metallic black (mint condition by the way)
I can only mind bt-6's. In the same colour?
The pricelists indicate that in 1998 the BT-6 was available in Metalflake Black (MFB). Does the paint actually have metallic glitter in it?

apparently it's quite rare

Washburn has many oddities, almost all of which have little added value because there's so little market demand.

The BT-2 and BT-4 are -- by far! -- the most common Mavericks, and can readily be found for less than $100, sometimes less than $50.

They are very good instruments, and moreso at that price. As my signature line (below) indicates, I own three, or four if you count the JB-80.

Announcements & News / Re: Chicago Custom Shop -- HELP ME
« on: September 03, 2018, 02:45:22 AM »
Thanks! That does fill in some gaps in my ongoing study of the Mavericks. Now if I could only determine whether the BT-2Q and BT-4Q used film (as the pricelists say) or was veneer or cap... ;)

Idol Series / Re: The Idol has risen from the dead!!
« on: September 02, 2018, 12:30:29 AM »

Washburn Idol WIS26MRK-D
The WIS, short for Washburn Idol Standard is inspired by the original Washburn WI64 ... a set-neck 24-3/4" scale length guitar with two USA Made Seymour Duncan Humbucker pickups and ... Voice Contour Control ("VCC") wiring. ... USA made Seymour "Washburn Idol range makes a comeback in 2018"

Idol Series / The Idol has risen from the dead!!
« on: September 02, 2018, 12:16:24 AM »
If this is all for real & not some sort of off-kilter April Fool gag, it really deserves some HUGE fanfare in the sites & magazines YouTube & certainly on Washburn's social media!!

Or maybe even in the Forums area.


UPSIDE: Grover tuners are FINALLY back.
DOWNSIDE: if WMS doesn't have them, likely nobody has them... & WMS doesn't have them.
BUMMER: they have appeared on eBay, for $799, but maybe that's MSRP... ???
WEIRDSIDE: they brought back not only the BFTS superstition but the much-unloved VCC. :o Both ought to be made OPTIONS before they scare the sheep.

FWIW, if it did happen to turn out to be a Washie, it'd be an interesting story. The company has never been big on skunk-stripe necks, for instance (though I haven't yet made up a list of the few examples). And it'd likely be informative to find out what mad genius would clone a Stage Series headstock!!

Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: Can You Identify This Washburn?
« on: September 01, 2018, 03:28:30 PM »
For the benefit ofthe peanut gallery, then:

All-laminate guitar (spruce/rosewood) with some nice detail work. Mahogany neck (typical Washburn). 1980-1992, so MIJ a strong possibility. Natural finish, of course; also available in TS.

Book value almost equal to a used D-10S, which I feel is overly generous, but likely based on the usual pointless demand for "vintage" gear.

And once again Blue Book not only misses the kick but isn't even in the right stadium :o --


These are all laminated guitars that had short runs in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
They then go on to list off 121 models & variants, beginning with the D6S (2010) & running through a multitude of D-10S on to D-12S,, D-13S, D-15S, D-17S, D-20S, D-21S, D-24S, D-25S, D-26S, D-27S, D-28S, D-29S, D-30S, D-31S, D-32S, D-33S, D-34S, D-36S, D-42S, D-42SW, D-44SW, D-46S, D-48S, D-50S, D-51SW, D-52SW, D-55SW, D-56SW, D-61S, D-61SW, D-64SW, D-68S, D-68SW, D-70S, D-70SW, D-80SW, D-82SW, D-84SW, D-90S, D-90SW, D-96SW, D-200S & D-250S.

They kinda overlooked a few, maybe...

The Force series was basically Washburn's first serious foray into guitars aimed at shredders. The G-20V is often called the "Wayne's World" guitar, regularly seen on Saturday Night Live, so of course the white ones are worth more.

The better models were made in Japan, sporting the top-load Wonderbar trem (the only real rival to the Kahler). Ebony fretboard too (though, unless properly cared for, ebony can split or even flake).

With original "Washburn"-branded case, I'd say a white one in VG+ condition -- with Wonderbar 100% complete & well-adjusted -- could get $400. Any other color, maybe $325. (Without the case, drop $25-$75.) Blue Book says I'm being generous in these numbers, & would go about 25% less.

Incidentally, this presents a GREAT example of why "look it up in the Blue Book!" is a rookie mistake.
offset double-cutaway Strat -style body, bolt-on maple neck, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard ... avalable in Black, Metallic Blue, or Metallic Red finish

I mean, ::).

Anyone not slug-lazy can quickly determine that the guitar
  • is a set-neck
  • with ebony fretboard
  • & is literally famous for white (though I did see one in a sort of dark purple).

Impossible to see clearly in the photo. You could just TELL US what the serial number is -- right?

In any case, a standard-size neck plate is easy to change. I can get you a Fender or Epiphone if you want, though that wouldn't change the guitar's brand... right?

Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: Can You Identify This Washburn?
« on: August 29, 2018, 12:29:39 PM »
Sure -- get us a serial number or a photo of the soundhole label (preferably both).

Some thoughts...

I'm going to enter this piecemeal, as the dubious forum software has already destroyed one reply.

For the record, I only get cranky when some first-time poster pops in here -- never with photos, often with no description whatever -- to DEMAND hard info on a particular axe RIGHT DAMNED NOW then comes back in twenty minutes all sorts of whiny because nobody's responded yet. ::) Yeah, I might give them the "my time's worth money" lecture, if I don't ignore them entirely.

the serial number starts with "90" so that suggests that it is a 1990 model.
Yah, no, not really. There's an old saying that "Common sense is what tells you the Earth is flat" ;), & this is one of THOSE things.

Not all Washburn serial numbers reliably indicate date. Though details are foggy (I didn't keep notes), a couple years back I saw an eBay listing for a guitar whose s/n began "86-" for a model that was only made 1992-1994. Soon thereafter, someone showed up here with a similar conundrum.

In any case, it's VERY unlikely there's a two digit year code in five-digit numbers (& certainly NOT in four-digit). If you sacrifice the first two digit spaces to year, that leaves room for 1,000 unique numbers for the entire year, & it's unlikely (though not impossible) that Washburn had the factory make only 1,000 guitars.

So in this instance my guess is that it was probably finished in 1989, being the #210 Washburn-branded axe from that maker for the run year.

But I hope that you can get your money back if the deal falls through, because the seller might be shining you on:
Beverly Hills, 90210 is an American teen drama television series ... originally airing from October 4, 1990 to May 17, 2000.

Show Us Your Washburn / Re: My First Washburn
« on: August 25, 2018, 10:23:40 AM »
When you log in next time, DO NOT use the "Login" box in the upper-right corner.

Instead, go to the Login tab on the bar above -- it'll be right about at screen centre. Click that.

Fill in username & password, of course. Before you click Enter, be certain you tick the little "keep me logged in" box. This will keep your access open until you log out, or your browser resets (which, with my older Firefox, happens at random).

I found out the hard way that using that thing on the upper-right, the site would sometimes log me out as I was writing a long & complex response, & then ALL that work would disappear, forever. >:( The other way takes a couple more clicks, but works MUCH better.

I remain puzzled as to how three of these have managed to hit the market at approximately the same time. ??? When I posted that alert here, it was the first time I'd even consciously noticed the variant, & I've been studying the Mavericks a little for about five years now.

So, call it an early 1994, then? That's exciting because the Mav BTs were officially launched in the 1997 pricelist, having appeared in the 1996 list but as the"Billy T" line. Lacking solid info from Washburn, it appears we can push the family origin back a whole two years. :)

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