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Right - thanks Nick. Much appreciated!

Originally posted by WB-Nick

Yes, EJ15.

Hi Greg,

You know...too many guitars! Some times it takes awhile to wear 'em out.

I appreciate all the info this tread has produced. I have 6 Washburns and they all have a individual sound, purpose, and quality about them (now if I can get 'em all wrapped up in one)!

Originally posted by gregjones

OK, let me get the big picture here.

You've had this guitar for a couple of years and NOW it's time to change the strings. want the EXACT strings that came on it[?]

Just, want to make sure I have this correct.  If I do, I have a few more questions.[}:)]

But, I doubt even,    nevermind, would ask them.


If it's got tuners, tits, or tires----it's gonna cost you.

Originally posted by deltacaster

D'Addario J-15 extra light strings.

Washburn has not been associated with Vinci strings for a couple of years now.

Thanks! Do you mean EJ-15 ? I would really like to have the EXACT strings that came on this guitar.
I appreciate any and all responses.

Do you know what gauge?

Hi, a couple years ago I bought new a Washburn R-318SKK (one of the numbered ones). I love everything about it.

It's time to change the strings. Overdue actually. Does anyone know what brand/gauge strings came on it? ??
I love this guitar so much I don't want to change a thing!

I liked it so much I ordered new, the big brother: WSJ124. First one that arrived was defective. Second arrived w/ a broken neck, and third just pales in comparison with the sound and quality of the  R-318skk. I am so disappointed by it I have just tucked it away in the coffin case, I couldn't deal with it anymore.

But back to the R-318SKK.. if anyone can help with the string question, I would be much appreciated!

long time Washburn player,


Welcome to the Northeast US Washburn Jam Group. / Guitar Strings
« on: February 23, 2010, 03:03:32 PM »
Hi, Does anyone know what gauge strings came stock on a R-318SKK?

General Discussion / Butler/P-Hill On ebay
« on: February 22, 2010, 04:50:20 PM »
Bought one from them. Never again. A Baby Jumbo. Great guitar. Not a B-stock. The guitar was fine. The case wasn't. And you could tell it was packed smashed. It was easy to tell it had been packed broken. They tried to blame it on UPS (inspector said no, wasn't fault of shipping) and when I tried to tell Phill that they became belligerent. Never again buy from them again. Good prices or not.

General Discussion / Broken acoustic guitar
« on: February 22, 2010, 04:43:58 PM »
I received a new guitar from Washburn, in a hardcase, double boxed and the headstock was broken in almost the same exact place (well, actually it was broken straight across above the 2 E tuners) Mine was done in shipping though. what a shame of a good guitar.

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