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Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Re: Do you know this guitar?
« Last post by Tony Raven on September 17, 2017, 04:20:41 PM »
Yes, definitely get yourself a decent humidifier insert ASAP. It will help stop further damage, & likely close the seams a little.

I don't like to diagnose a patient from a photo, but it looks like those splits have been around awhile, & in part might stem from hidden weaknesses in the wood (the mirror symmetry). The lighter-colored areas near the openings suggest that moisture has gotten in (whether condensation or sweat or cleaning liquids) and further dried out the wood. The darker stripes are probably some sort of contaminant liquid (hand oils or polish).

Though it does seem odd that the cracks run all the way to the butt, yet don't run out at all toward the soundhole.

Hopefully, it's never had a silicon "polish" used on it. If that damned stuff got onto bare wood, the contact area will be pretty much impossible to properly finish.

Though I've seen the Martin shop pull off some amazing restorations, I don't know this can ever again be 100% in looks. However, if the wood can be properly humidified, then maybe three cleats put in and the gaps properly filled and protected, that should restore most of the tone. Properly cared for, it could have another century of play in it. Still quite a pretty instrument.

Cost? Dunno; get quotes. Me, I'd rather cleat a top than try to repair edge separation. Stabilizing the cracks is MUCH easier than hiding them; up here, cleating & sealing would maybe be $200-$250 so long as you're more concerned with the sound than with making it look pretty.
Guitar Care, Repair, Modification & Lutherie / Washburn WCD 18 Bridge pins.
« Last post by gkielczewski on September 17, 2017, 03:18:27 PM »
Hey folks:  Can anyone tell me what size the bridge pins are on the WCD 18  and where to get the proper ones. They are a larger sized pin.
Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Comort series
« Last post by mondarlo on September 17, 2017, 01:35:29 PM »
I was looking at the WCG25sce  and saw the WCG22sce-u  on the Guitar Center and Musicians Friend site.  They seem very similar,  so i checked the Washburn site and could not find the WCG22sce at all.   Why is that guitar not listed?   From the pictures on the GC site,  i can see the tuner/preamp on the 25, but not the 22.  How do the electronics differ?  Both are Solid top,  lam rosewood sides,  the 25 has a contrast strip down the back.  The 22 has 1 more fret.     Other differences?
Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Re: Do you know this guitar?
« Last post by tymbee on September 16, 2017, 10:02:39 PM »
Finally got around to taking some photos of the guitar. Do the images provide enough detail to get an estimate as to the cost of repair and/or the value "as is"? I'd really like to find it  a new home!  :)

usually only 1 cause for top to crack from other then dropping it lack of moisture sounds like it could use some cleats to stabilize the cracks and some moisture to prevent anymore drying out.
 these guitars are of great value to those that know them as fine Japanese made instruments but most will deduct a fair sum for the cracks which run around 20 - 25 per cleat so should run around a 100$ to fix the cracks then the guitar sells for around $250-400 with case
Guitar Care, Repair, Modification & Lutherie / Re: Sanding a WM100
« Last post by MattSA on September 16, 2017, 04:08:45 PM »
Great. Thanks for the info.

Washburn Parallaxe Series / Re: Grover locking tuners on PXL10EC
« Last post by evan47 on September 16, 2017, 06:45:49 AM »
This has me a little concerned too as I have just bought a pxl10ftbm which was advertised as having locking tuners too.
The units on my model are simply stamped with grover and 18-1 on their backs but, when inspecting the front of the headstock the tuner post have minimal winds around them which is what I would expect locking tuners to have.
Also, my model is advertised as having phase reversal on its volume pots when, in reality it has coil taps instead.
I am not overly bothered by this but would like to know which of the tuners I have so I know what to expect when it comes to restringing.
The guitar is great though. Excellent to play with its slim, wde, satin finish smooth join neck and its seymour duncans give a wonderful palette of rock tones which can be tamed rather well with the coil taps and volume controls.
I wasnt sure as to what to expect with the feiten tuning system but normal open tuning methods seem to work as they would on any guitar but, I have sourced a korg dt7 just in case I need it.
Washburn Parallaxe Series / Using the buzz feiten system
« Last post by evan47 on September 16, 2017, 04:02:21 AM »
How are us parrallaxe users tuning with the buzz feiten system instruments?
At the moment I am just tuning normally but was wondering how to do things properly and how big of a difference it really makes.
I got a little paranoid about how I was sounding but it just turns out it was the way I fret certain open chords when I am tired!
I have a korg dt7 on its way to me,,,,,,,has any body used this tuner with their parrallaxe or are they just using ordinary tuners and which method are they using for best results?
It is said that something like the dt7 is just for initial set up of a buzz feiten system ( so I should not really need it ) and consequent tuning can be done normally, is this correct?
Thanks a lot guys for all the help. Overall the action is not bad at all, but maybe playing it for a little while longer and letting a friend play it, who has a collection of guitars and has been through the action adjustment thing himself, will help me decide to bring it to a luthier or not.

Thanks so much again for all the help.
General Discussion / Re: ID this Washburn Please.
« Last post by Billy58 on September 15, 2017, 04:08:01 PM »
It is ok, I found most of the info that I need, it is a D13n from 1990/94, looking for a nut supplier as it needs one that fits prperly
General Discussion / ID this Washburn Please.
« Last post by Billy58 on September 15, 2017, 02:55:01 PM »
Hi guys and girls, its been awhile since I last prowled the forum pages, this time it is in search of a bit of help. (1) Is to ID this Washburn I picked up tonight and (2) It needs a new nut as the one that is on the guitar is completely wrong, so recommendations for type and or material of nut.

Thanks in advance
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