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Title: How many WM526s were made?
Post by: Bloodrose on June 24, 2010, 09:48:17 AM
Well, since the word is that the WM526 has been discontinued, does anyone know how many were produced? Im guessing that due to the special fretboard, the numbers are probably not high..
 Id be curious how many were made total. And how many limited batches were done as Ive seen special models pop up.  I LOVE mine so much.  I was hoping to buy another but fear they will be sold out by the time I get that much saved again..
Title: How many WM526s were made?
Post by: Guitaristguy28 on September 04, 2010, 02:01:55 PM
Good question, considering they are officially Washburn history now.
Title: How many WM526s were made?
Post by: Slashpepper on September 04, 2010, 03:36:14 PM
I very almost got one, but ended up getting a WI556. I'd also like to know how many were made, along with my model. I have a feeling there were quite a few, or at least enough not to make them quite as special, but they're beautiful players regardless.

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Title: How many WM526s were made?
Post by: CMCgtrs on September 10, 2010, 04:11:29 PM
I am a Washburn Dealer.  According to the Washburn there were about 150 HM526's made.  So not that many.  I'm thinking of doing a limited run of 12 of them for sale.  Each one will be special and unique.  If I can get some interest and some people committed to buy them then I will go forward with it.  Let me know if you are interested.
Title: How many WM526s were made?
Post by: CMCgtrs on October 10, 2010, 09:32:21 PM
Hey Everyone,

I am sorry for the delayed response.  I wanted to provide everyone an update at the same time.  Thank you for the inquiries and your patients.  Here is the deal.  Washburn is being a little difficult.  Here is the entire story.  I’m sorry if it is a little long winded.  But I thought I’d give you everything.  Washburn which is owned by US Music Corp was bought out last year by a company in Canada.  They still have operations in the US.  When this happened Washburn started downsizing their US Manufacturing.  You may have noticed over the past year a flood of great deals on the market from Washburn dealers selling Washburn Custom Shop Guitars at unbelievable prices.  That was because Washburn was blowing out every guitar body and neck that was in good shape.  Many of these necks and bodies became Voodoo’s which have the Satin finishes.  All of the wood working was done all they had to do was throw a finish on them and get them to the dealers.  Satin finishes are the most inexpensive and fastest to do....hence all of the “voodoo” finishes.  Well once all of the spare parts were gone that was it.  The only USA made guitars going forward were only going to be the Paul Stanley and the Nuno guitars.  

Now I come along and stir things up at Washbrun.  It tell them about my idea and the initial response is that they say I’d have to at least do 12 and they asked that I gather specs.  That is when I posted my idea and you guys responded with your dream WM526’s.  I planned to get one for myself too because I was always going to hold on to one but I ended up selling all of the ones I had.  So I go back to Washburn and the story changes.  Now they need to do at least 36 of them and they were going to approach a couple of other dealers about it.  In addition they put all kinds of restrictions.  They all had to have Floyd Roses, they could only have EMG’s, Duncan JB Bridge PU’s, Duncan ‘59’s Neck PU’s, or Duncan El Diablo’s.  That is it.  In addition they would only do the Gloss Black or the Gloss Red that were standard or they would do Satin Black or Red.  And I would have to order 4 of the same color at a shot.  For instance, I’d have to order 4 Gloss Black, or 4 Satin Red.  They agreed to do Maple Tops for me but it would have to be either Black Burst or Black Cherry Burst.  

So I asked “what is the deal with all the restrictions?”  They said all the machines that made these guitars have all been broken down and that they have to retool everything.  So doing “one-off’s” like the Jackson or Charvel Custom Shop does is off the table.  The only way for them to do anything and remain profitable is do them in a batch.  The bottom line is the Washburn USA shop has been stripped down.  With the new ownership they expressed interest this week of making a commitment to rebuild it but it is going to be a slow process.

Oh yeah....the prices.  For the standard guitars without the maple tops we are looking at about $2800 each which I think is way too much.  Adding the maple tops will put it over $3k.  

Needless to say I am bummed about it.  

There is one bit of interesting info....Washburn also started kicking around the idea last week of doing an entire new version of the WM526 calling it the X526.  It would have the El Diablo’s or EMG’s.  It would be the same as the WM526 but they would not be doing the reverse headstock.  It would be like the old school Washburn headstock that kinda looks like the Ibanez headstock.  There was no price set on this model yet.  It is still in the dream stage.

The bottom line is I think it is a dead idea unless everyone is will to pay close to $3k for each guitar which I doubt.  I will be finding out more info this week.  I will keep you all posted on what develops.  Washburn makes some great guitars that are highly underated and passed over.  I don’t have to tell you guys that.  I am hoping that they can pull it together and continue to put out some great guitars.

I am open to your thoughts or suggestions or interests.  Again, I will keep you all posted.  Peace.....

Title: How many WM526s were made?
Post by: darreno27 on October 11, 2010, 02:22:02 AM
Thanks for the info, Steve.  The high 2k/low 3k range sounds is the standard for a custom shop piece - I don't understand the color restrictions though.  You can buy used ones for sub $1400, so in order for them to sell at the 3k level more custom options would have to be done, imo.  I'm more interested in seeing what they will release at the winter NAMM.