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Title: D46S history
Post by: frederiklj on March 06, 2011, 10:12:45 AM
Wondering if anybody here has some history\\time line about this model.
Seems that I have a base model or early model.
Any info appreciated

Title: D46S history
Post by: Pike on April 24, 2011, 11:43:20 PM
Hi Freddie, here's the blue book info. Got any pics?

- dreadnought style, Alaskan close grained spruce top, Macasssar rosewood back and sides,
rosewood fingerboard, offset position markers, bound top, 3-per-side tuners, available in Natural finish,
mfg. 2000-
  MSR ---100%--- Excellent---- Average
 $550 ---$395 --$250 - 300 --$150 - 200
Title: D46S history
Post by: Hurricane Ramon on October 14, 2011, 08:14:14 AM

Hey there Frederklj :

Yep that's about it , I have one see my post with pics . New they listed @ $899.00 new  . I got mine in April of 2001 it must have been in that music store at least 6 months . Owner of the store was desperate I think , I got it for $599.00 .

He was really cool to . I had only that much in my pocket at the time . I was about to buy the mahogany one because it was cheaper , but before I could open my mouth to ask I was offered the Madagascar model for that price . All I said was throw in a case and the tax and it's a done deal . I walked out of the store and didn't feel the sidewalk under my feet as walked . I got into my car with such a grin that didn't wipe off for 70 miles as I drove home :)

Hurricane Ramon