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Title: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: rblee on April 10, 2011, 07:53:36 PM
W-ROMP pickup

Anyone know where I can get one of these from?

I live in UK, and the UK distributor claims they're not allowed to sell these. I tried Janet Davis, but by the way they don't answer emails any more, it looks like they may have succumbed to the insurmountable opportunity that is capitalism. I can't find it at all on the main Washburn website.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.
Title: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: binder1 on April 11, 2011, 05:00:55 AM
I'll check around and see what I can find out.
Title: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on April 19, 2011, 08:43:57 AM
Originally posted by rblee

W-ROMP pickup
I tried Janet Davis, but by the way they don't answer emails any more, it looks like they may have succumbed to the insurmountable opportunity that is capitalism.

What do you mean by that? Do you think they are out of business, or just too busy to deal with email? Their website currently shows availability of the pickup, $24.50 USD.

Title: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: rblee on November 03, 2011, 05:36:12 AM
I just meant that they weren't answering emails, which can point to insolvency. Pretty much what I wrote, in fact.

My order was fulfilled about three months after your post (a total of about 9 months after the order), and without comment, so I really can't speculate on their internal issues.

When a vendor doesn't answer email from existing customers about their outstanding orders it doesn't usually bode well in my experience, and I had given up on them so it was a nice surprise when it showed up - Viva Janet Davis Music!

I guess I must be pretty impatient compared to you :).
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on January 18, 2012, 10:20:08 PM
Do you ever wonder why no one else sells the EZ ROMP pickup mic? It seems so nifty and well-priced. I'm wondering if there are tons of returns from people who get feedback problems. Or maybe it's full of lead and other fun metals from the far east.

I get the feeling that, even if buyers get the EZ to work, in most cases, it ends up being a $35 endpin.
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on February 22, 2012, 11:54:53 AM

After learning directly from US Music Corp/Washburn that the W-ROMP EZ microphone pickup for the Rover was discontinued, I canceled my order with Janet Davis Music for the W-ROMP. Frankly I am surprised they took the order, but there was some strange happenings throughout the process.

Knowing this could be a difficult part to find, I called before placing my order to check to see they had it in stock. After a minute or two on hold, they assured me that they did. I ordered it the next morning.

After a week or so, I noticed my credit card had not yet been charged. I called Janet Davis Music to inquire, and they said the W-ROMP was on backorder. It would be another week to 10 days.

10 days later I notice my credit card is still not charged. I call to inquire about the order. A few minutes on hold, and then I was told, "Washburn is moving their factories so nothing is being shipped at the moment. It'll be another week to 10 days." I was skeptical, to say the least. So I called US Music Corp and spoke to a Washburn person - and learned it had been discontinued for some time! In fact, the last person they sold a batch to was someone called G Man who runs an ebay store. So I called today to cancel my order.

It is strange. The people on the other end of the phone at Janet Davis Music sound like friendly, helpful, and reasonable people. But it's very hard for me to believe that, in light of the fact that the item had been discontinued, THEY believed the stories they were telling me. The story about "they're moving factories" just didn't come across as the least bit credible.

Caveat Emptor!
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: ship of fools on February 26, 2012, 09:56:18 AM
I have one that I am not using, anybody intersted in it?ship
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on February 26, 2012, 12:03:55 PM
login for a PM
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: ship of fools on February 26, 2012, 03:26:50 PM
sent you a reply.ship
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on March 03, 2012, 08:25:28 PM
[tried to insert pictures directly from flickr but it doesn't work - just using links for now instead rather than bother with a photobucket account]

Thanks to a kind & generous person on this board who had a W-ROMP (EZ microphone pickup for Rover) that he wasn’t using, I was able to acquire one at last; I’ve installed it and tested it out, and wanted to offer some feedback (pun intended) and comments.

I should first mention an update regarding Janet Davis Music. Later on the same day I posted my experience with trying to order one from them (my order was repeatedly delayed for various unusual reasons, but then I found out that the item had long been discontinued), they called up and said they got a shipment of them in, and would send one right away – free shipping – if I would reinstate my order. I also got an email ad from them touting that they had just gotten some of the W-ROMP in). Boy was that tempting, but I just didn’t have confidence that the claims were accurate – esp. after learning that the item has been long discontinued. Nice offer, maybe they somehow secured a supply of them – but I just didn’t want to potentially deal again with delays and excuses.

Around the same time I heard from the fellow who offered the one he wasn’t using. It arrived in less than a week from Canada and I went about looking it over. There are 2 button cell batteries (LR41, I think) that go underneath 2 clips on a mini circuit board. I guessed that positive was up, negative was down, and that proved to be right.

Obviously it’s very convenient that the thing screws right into the Rover’s endpin hole:

 I looked at a Schatten Soundboard Transducer from Stewart McDonald that also screws in where the endpin would go, but it appeared to me that the threading didn’t nearly match – the Rover endpin is coarsely threaded, the Schatten is finely threaded. Also, a Stewmac tech pointed out that you need to be able to reach in through the soundhole to tighten the inside nut. Although both of these issues could probably be cleverly overcome, it proved not to be necessary.

I installed the W-ROMP in my nylon-stringed Rover, the RO-20. In another thread someone had suggested that on the RO-10, the metal shaft covering the circuit board may bump up against the bridge pin of the D or G string. So the classical Rover seemed like a better choice (and I already have an electric guitar anyway).

After installing the thing, I could not wait to hook it up. Now, I knew feedback was a potential issue, so I didn’t sit facing my amp (Roland Cube 15; want to try it on the Micro Cube!), and I didn’t have the volume up much at all (and it was on clean, so no “gain” applied). Well, some feedback hit anyway and wow, was it loud! No relation to the volume knob position (except turning it to zero helped).

I had a prototype soundhole cover that I made and put that in:

It basically stopped the feedback and it is really a neat thing to have the classical Rover electrified! Granted, it’s a bit of a conceit, and the treble strings don’t have much sustain or carry, but still, it’s fun. And you can certainly put it on “Metal Stack” and crank up the gain for a truly ironic experience.

This soundhole cover / feedback buster consisted of an elliptical piece of stiff cardboard from a Costco-sized box of cereal. It was corrugated cardboard, not just single-ply, but a bit thinner than say that of a shipping box. To this, I affixed (with hot glue gun) a block of foam from some weatherstripping that came with a window air-conditioning unit. It was rectangular, but the corners just extending beyond the perimeter of the hole so that it kind of wedges itself in there securely. [On my prototype I had clipped the corners to fit, but you need those corners to keep it snug]

To pattern out the oval I used the word processor in LibreOffice and, using the drawing tools toolbar, inserted an ellipse of dimensions 2.25” high by 2.88” wide. This is just enough to cover the soundhole and not fall in. For my final feedback buster, I cut that elliptical pattern out of a piece of paper and positioned it over some postcards of paintings to see what part of the painting would be visible. I had a book of such postcards of Adolphe-William Bouguereau, whose works I like. I chose a scene from classical mythology called Le ravissement de Psyche (The Abduction of Psyche). Someone else might like Van Gogh or Rembrandt, etc. Pictured below (no nudes, but close; remember, this is classical art):

full image:

Of course, my postcard image was larger than the soundhole, so I had to crop - but I feel that I got nearly all of the important features of the painting). I slightly enlarged the elliptical cutout to 2.34” x 3.00” (keep ratio) so there would be a little overlap over the cardboard underneath. After carefully cutting the picture out, I sprayed it with some satin finish clear polyurethane.

When affixing the picture to the cardboard, I didn’t want the wrinkly effect that you so often get with white glue (even though the postcard is somewhat stiff, I didn’t want to chance it). So I used the hot glue again. However, when mashing it down to flatten out the area between them, I had the front of the picture facing down, flat on a piece of closed-cell foam. The glue was apparently so warm that it softened some of the polyurethane spray and I nearly had some of the closed cell foam stick to the front of the picture. However, it seemed that it only mottled the satin finish, so once it cooled, I gave it another “topcoat” spray and evened things out.

In thinking of how I could have done things differently, I should probably spray the polyurethane last, so the heat of the glue isn’t a factor. I could also stand to notch corner of the image out so it isn't pushed a bit askew by the fretboard.

Getting back to the internal mic pickup, I also tried it with a headphone amp I have - another discontinued thing (by Dean) called "Stack in a Box". It has 2 volume settings and a clean setting, in addition to overdrive and distortion. On the clean setting, higher volume, it really does pick up every sound of your fingers on the strings, of your shirt brushing against the body of the guitar, etc. I’m not convinced that this is some shortcoming unique to the W-ROMP; it may well affect any internal mic, and who knows, maybe any contact mic/piezo/transducer as well. So if you actually were performing with the Rover, and you needed it louder, you should almost certainly use an external mic if one is available. Nevertheless, it’s a fun thing to have, and who knows, maybe if you work hard to control those extraneous sounds, it will really help your technique! Or maybe you just keep the volume lower.
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: rblee on April 12, 2012, 12:13:13 PM

That's pretty much my experience.

I have a Cube 20XL and one of either "JC Clean" or "Lead" doesn't have much, if any, feedback problem (I can't remember any, but I don't use the upper reaches of the volume knobs) which is presumably some trick of the DSP. The only other back problem would be caused by carrying the amp around, but that's easily solved  :).

On the rare occasions that I use the W-ROMP it's with one of those little Fender "Tweed" battery powered portable amps with headphones - usually ear buds. I tried it with Rakarrack ( ( and a cheapo USB "Guitar Link" dongle, but my laptop and JACK don't seem to get on and life is short enough already.

Am I glad I bought it? I suppose so. It's very cheap as these things go, demonstrated that making the Rover louder isn't the best idea anyone ever had and, as someone else here noted, it does make an excellent, if rather fat, endpin as well. It works well in hotel rooms and similar where you don't want to be drinking with travelling salesmen, have to be quiet in your room, but want to hear what you're playing, but if you want more then I'd suggest buying a guitar with it all built in, unless you're sure what you're doing. Capturing the real sound of a spanish or acoustic guitar seems to be a bit of an art.
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on June 08, 2013, 02:36:46 PM

Temptation got the better of me. Janet Davis Acoustic Music continues to list the W-ROMP Rover microphone pickup on their website:

Despite my prior experience and the various claims that their representatives made over the phone, they never did charge my credit card. I really wanted another W-ROMP for my other Rover and I eventually decided to try them again. I first emailed to check inventory, and they replied that they had them in stock. I've heard that before, over the phone, but this was in writing. Not that I would do anything about it ... but it gave me the encouragement to go ahead and try again.

Not many days later, it actually arrived! [today] They really had one! I've not installed it yet, but it sure looks like the genuine article, in Washburn packaging and everything.

Even if it has dead batteries I would not consider it a waste - as long as it will work with fresh ones, I'm happy enough. So I can tentatively encourage anyone interested in getting one to give them a try. It's a super-nifty accessory made just for our Rovers, and compares favorably in cost to alternatives. Good luck everyone.

Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: ship of fools on June 10, 2013, 06:58:18 PM
Way cool that you found another.ship
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: t.y. on June 11, 2013, 08:03:32 AM
Does it look like it would fit in a D10S?   Or are they sized, just for the Rover?  Tom.  :)
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: ship of fools on June 11, 2013, 11:55:18 AM
No Tom they were really only meant for the Rovers.ship
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: t.y. on June 11, 2013, 08:36:48 PM
Thank you.   Tom.  :)
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: cspan on February 06, 2018, 07:32:11 AM
zombie thread ...

I have decided that I'm never really going to use my w-romp rover internal mic pickups. I have two of them. Each requires two tiny LR-41 batteries, and the ones I have are either dead (one set) or probably nearly so (the other).

Anyone interested, please PM me.
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: bigcity2 on February 08, 2018, 07:23:29 PM
Title: Re: W-ROMP pickup
Post by: mikej2 on February 15, 2018, 09:14:11 PM