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Title: Would this include the DK 20 CET?
Post by: pzager on February 20, 2013, 01:21:30 AM
Hi Guys,

Have some more interesting possibilities (no...I do work...but I have been sick these last 4 days so I have had ample time to surf the net :-)

I just looked at a possible package deal on CL that would include a Washburn DK 20 CET. I have looked it up and it seems more like a starter guitar (goes for 200-250) but I have a chance to get it (used, I would need to check it out) for about 100.00 (included in a package deal for an Ibanez AS73 - for 200.00- and an acoustic AG15 Amplifier - for 50.00, all together for 350.00). Sounds like a deal I may not be able to refuse, but I would like your input on the Washburn. Would it be a good companion to the AE 36 12 String I just got and setting up to play electric? Or is the guitar just too cheap (quality wise?) to consider, and should I go eventually with something higher quality like what evenkeel mentioned (his EA 20)? I heard a Youtube of the EA 20 and that sounded really good. Should I look around for a good deal on that?