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Title: X50-PROFE real maple top?
Post by: j4q0 on April 16, 2013, 09:13:57 AM

A couple of days ago I was just wondering about the tops of these guitars, as I read on some specs, the newer models that have a maple "top" is in fact a "veneer top" so I decided to email Washburn asking for that and also asking for the active pickups that came with the X50AJD, which are not EMG as all the X50PROFE have.

I received an email saying that ALL X50 were made with a maple veneer, I was surprised as the specs of these guitars on Washburn catalogues clearly say "maple top", and certainly a guitar with maple veneer was in a lower price range that these guitars were at the moment they came out.

Anyway, I took out the EMG's of my X50PROFE to check the top but the cavities are painted black so I can't really see where the 2 woods are supposed to meet.
On the contrary, on the X50AJD you can see the maple top union on the side of the guitar just under the binding and also in the control cavity, in the hole where the jack is you can clearly see 2 woods.

Also, they told me the standard X50's came with WB630 pickups but as far as I know these are not active and the AJD does have active humbuckers but they are not EMG.
By the way, the X50PROFE is from 2006 and the AJD is from 2004, and I've never seen in a catalogue and it seems to be pretty rare.

Does anyone know if in fact the X50PROFE's have a real maple top or just a maple veneer?
Did I get the wrong information about the tops and the humbuckers from Washburn thinking that I was asking for the newer models?

Thanks for your comments replies!