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Title: Upgraded My Washburn WT64DL
Post by: tabdog on May 08, 2013, 10:28:45 AM
My Washburn and a small amp cost me $150,


It is a wonderful playing guitar, but the electronics
are more shredder oriented,


I changed the wiring to SG type wiring. It looks
messy, but all wires are shielded except the ground


I also upgraded the pickups. I got these off CL
for $80.  The neck pickup is a Gibson 490R. That
is one of the most used humbuckers for Gibson
LP's and SG's. This is the one they call the 57
humbucker and it is the classic pickup for that
fat Gibson Humbucker sound.

The bridge is a Seymour Duncan Model SH-1 1959.
It is a reproduction of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul HB.
It is more bluesy and clear than the neck HB.



I haven't played it much sense the upgrade, but it
seems pretty awesome so far. Luckily, the middle
position of the selector switch produces a much
better than expected mix of these two pickups.


Pickups,,,,,,,,,,, $80

Pots and caps,, $23

Total cost so far is $233. I'm pretty happy with that.
That is about $80 less than a new set of Gibson HB's.

Thanks for lookin,

Title: Re: Upgraded My Washburn WT64DL
Post by: wrmurphy on May 08, 2013, 12:32:13 PM
Welcome to the forum tabdog. It looks like you have a pretty good looking git there. I expect it sounds as good as it looks, now play the heck out of it!  Murph