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Title: Washburn G Junior
Post by: greybox on March 23, 2017, 12:26:59 PM
Okay - after much internet searching on the much loved late 80s washburns I found almost nothing on a G Junior - so I bought one. I was looking for a KC but they are either way overpriced or in horrid condition. Here is the deal with the juniors- they are full size as far as scale 25.5 (so like a les paul jr - it doesn't have anything to do with scale or skinny necks). The body does seem to be slightly smaller than a traditional strat (think jackson dinky maybe) but same thickness. The photos are of a standard strat body in comparison and an ibanez rg. Its a perfectly balanced guitar and the neck feels amazing (as most washburns do). It is a laminated hardwood body (not using the bad connotation of plywood because its not the same). The guitar has amazing natural sustain and a rather nice medium tone. I really like the guitar. The angle of the high strings (E,B) coming off the nut and slanting sharply down is the only thing I would like to change. ( ( (