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Title: HB35 multi piece neck
Post by: el84 on March 23, 2019, 07:39:39 AM
Hello all,
I am a long time lurker that recently picked up this older HB35  natural. I searched and couldn't find a topic on the multi piece neck HB35's.
This guitar plays and sounds great . I noticed the top is true 3 ply plain figured maple and the darker laminated strip of wood is wood , not ebonized material although not certain what it is. Perhaps walnut ? The neck has a mahogany center section and headstock ears and the two outer pieces are maple.  It has extended tenon and a mahogany center block . The clear finish is thin . Very nice work on the binding and nice overall craftmanship .

No Grovers on this one and the pots are full size, seem to be original with yellow braided cloth used as a sleeve to keep the tone to volume wires gathered up . The 3 way switch is Switchcraft style, not a box style anyway . Six digit serial starting with S92 on the headstock . The sticker in the F hole was not filled in.

Edit ; having trouble loading photos