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Title: Need Info on M-4SW Mandolin
Post by: awseeley on September 08, 2005, 02:21:59 PM
Recently purchased a new Washburn M-4SW mandolin from a dealer on eBay.  It's an F style, oval hole mando made in China and now discontinued.  No information or spec's on the net or on the Washburn site about it.  Can anyone shed some light on this model for me?  I love the sound of it, but after tuning, it seems that fretted notes on the G string are not in pitch.  I saw posts in this forum about similar problems with another discontinued mandolin, model M12.  Any feedback would be of great help.
Title: Need Info on M-4SW Mandolin
Post by: guitars-we-r on September 13, 2005, 10:15:02 AM
The M4SW was a limited edition copy of what I think may have been the best mandolin design ever, the Gibson F4 made from 1915 to approx. 1920.(Loar era)
The oval sound hole projection is much louder,bassier and has more projection I think than the F5 style f-hole design that is so popular. Thanks to bluegrass greats like Bill Monroe. The F4 design was just left by the road-side and needs to be revived.
The problem you're having sounds like the intonation is off because of the bridge placement. Loosen the strings so the bridge can be moved with slight string tension. Hit each string open and again on the 12th fret. Move the bridge slightly till open and fretted notes are 'in tune'. After all strings are 'in tune' re-tune the mandolin. Most of the time the bridge will be at a slight angle with the treble end closer to the neck.
If this doesn't solve your problem send to Washburn. Lifetime warranty is handy when all else fails.
I think you got a really cool mandolin that just needs a little attention.
Title: Need Info on M-4SW Mandolin
Post by: Harleymando on November 11, 2005, 11:15:02 AM
sounds like it needs a good interested in that mando also, i saw one on ebay too, waiting for a reply from them.if you ever wanna sell it.......happy pickin
Title: Need Info on M-4SW Mandolin
Post by: phsalt on January 30, 2009, 10:19:18 AM
Hi Randall,
I have a washburn M-4SW/BK mandolin.
I was searching for info on it on the Washburn Forums
and saw your post from several years back.
Anyway, this mandolin is New, never played.
I'm a guitarist who purchased it new in 2003, and never took up playing it... sad story i know.
Anyway, i'm doing a recession inspired liquidation of all the things I don't really use, and the M-4 SW is about to go on Ebay.
Before I list it, I thought i'd shoot you an email and see if you are still interested in one of these f style oval hole mandolins.
I have jpegs i can send you if you are.

kind thanks,