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Title: Washburn HB35's
Post by: Duff Tinglan on September 28, 2006, 08:27:04 AM
I've just purchased a HB35 hollowbody and I love it!  I play rythym guitar as well as the musical director for LEO DAYS, an Elvis Presely tribute artist based here out of Michigan.  After the first of the year,  we are embarking on a national tour around the states and I can't wait to play this beautiful guitar in the show!  I love the warm tones and the playability of it.  I have it set up perfectly.  The extremely close action makes for quick chord changes.  It's the perfect guitar for the Elvis tunes.  I'm going to purchase another for around the house!  If you like playing ruthym-n-blues...this is a fine machine made just for that. -Duff
Title: Washburn HB35's
Post by: No Fret Music on September 25, 2008, 01:54:15 PM
Dear Duff,

Glad to hear your HB35 leaves you Tinglan, LOL! As a retailer this guitar has proven to be one of my most popular models and I like it too. Have you tried out the Limited Edition 125 year Anniversary Parlour Guitars they are absolutely amazing for the price. They are surprisingly loud and have a nice rich clarity and full dynamic sound, do yourself a favour and try one out. Robert Johnson would have loved one of these guitars as they are ideal for Country Blues and Delta Blues and very comfortable to play.