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Hi Rich, The name of the New Orleans music store is L. Grunewald Co, LTD. Mr. Grunewald was a German immigrant that started his store in the mid 1800's and it was at one time located at 127 Canal Street. The company published sheet music for a number of years and there was also a Grunewald School of Music in New Orleans. The old Grunewald Hotel might have been started by the same man, or one of his relatives. I have a much clearer picture of the entire label, if you would like to see it. Thanks for your interest and let me know if you find out any more information about the Grunewald Music Co. Reggie

Thanks everyone for your kind words and information. I received more information within 30 minutes on this forum than I was able to get in 2 days of research elsewhere. I really appreciate your willingness to help. [:)]

McComb, Mississippi. Birthplace of Bo Diddley, Britney Spears, Brandi, songwriter Dan Tyler (Bobbie Sue, Twenty Years Ago) and home to many talented musicians.

I recently acquired this old Washburn acoustic that I find unusual and have no idea as to when it was made. It has the George Washburn logo stamped inside and states New Model and the number stamped inside is 81242. It also has an old New Orleans, La. music store label inside. The fretboard and head are covered in beautiful mother of pearl inlays but overall, it looks to be just a cheap, little acoustic that needs some repairs. If anyone has any thoughts on this one, I would appreciate it. Here's a few pictures. I apologize about the large size of the picturs. This is the first time I ever used the photos function. :-)  

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