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General Discussion / Re: serial numbers: before you ask...
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:10:38 PM »
This was actually a really good read. Cleared up a lot of my questions about serial number searches.

Thumbs up, man.

Show Us Your Washburn / Family photo w/ Details
« on: January 23, 2018, 06:29:33 PM »
Hey folks! Been a minute since I visited you guys and gals. Figured I'd share a pic of my Washburn family with y'all.

From left to right:

Taurus T12 4 string bass
Mods: Updated hardware, complete rewire
Tuning: D Standard

This thing was the first bass I ever got and I've loved it the entire time. Upgraded the wiring and hardware, played in a couple bands with it. I've had guys offer to trade me $600 bass guitars for this thing. As far as a workhorse bass I couldn't ask for better.

Bantam XB125 5 string bass
Mods: Stock
Tuning: Dropped B

Picked this thing up used at a pawn shop years ago because I hated tuning my 4 string low. It quickly became the guitar I reached for when needing to track bass in the studio.

WG587 7 string electric
Mods: Total rewire, changed to single HB/1 vol/1 tone setup, Guitarmory Atlas pickup in bridge, straplocks
Tuning: Dropped B

I'd been wanting a seven string Washburn since I discovered 7s were a thing. Finally found this one at a music shop used and in poor condition. Paid next to nothing for it, took it home, did a complete setup on it, rewired it, put fresh strings on it. Previous owner had dropped an SD Invader in the bridge which sounded way too tinny for my tastes. Recently dropped an Atlas pup in the bridge and man this thing screams. It's my default lead tracking guitar in the studio and the one I play the most live as a rhythm player in my band.

Mercury II Series
Mods: Seymour Duncan Invader pickup in bridge
Tuning: Dropped B

This is the first guitar I ever owned. My parents bought it for me as a gift when I was 12 and it sat in my closet until I was around 15. Eventually learned to play on it and got an Invader pickup installed. Tracked my first two records on this thing and it rarely ever leaves the studio these days. Aside from the SD Invader, it's completely stock to the point I got a locking strap so I wouldn't have to swap out the strap buttons. This is the guitar to blame for my love of Washburns.

Washburn Dealers Section / Re: 7 string?
« on: January 28, 2012, 07:40:36 AM »
Washburn N7 from the Nuno series.
Looking to sell?

Washburn Dealers Section / 7 string?
« on: January 26, 2012, 08:37:16 AM »
So my band is wanting to switch things up here soon, and truthfully so do i, and I really wanna get a seven string Washburn. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can find one?

I live in the U.S. so I would prefer to buy from here.

Show Us Your Washburn / Rocking a T12
« on: November 07, 2011, 08:51:35 PM »
Some pictures taken of me with my Washburn T12 at band practice two nights ago. Running it through an old Crate 70W for practice. Main rig is a Berhinger 4x10 cab.

Love this bass. I picked it up for a real good price. I've had dudes that play $600 bass guitars try to trade me for it. Oddly enough everyone I've met that plays a Schecter bass prefers mine, haha.

*Note: No my bass isn't plugged into the Line6. That's my guitarist's amp. The Crate is on the floor next to the stand.

General Discussion / What makes you tick?
« on: April 02, 2011, 11:17:51 PM »
First Name: Edward
User Name: Trapaw

Story Behind Your User Name:
Trapaw is the name of my deathcore/metalcore solo project. It started as an experimental thing my Senior year of high school (I'm 23 now) and it did nothing for a couple of years. In the last two years though, I became much more serious about my music, having released one full length cd(Bury The Living), one split cd with a buddy's band(Aegri Somnia), and it's in the process of recording my second full length cd(Civil).
The name itself came about thanks to my battle with manic depressive disorder. The depression is so torturous at times that I'd literally do anything to get out of it. I feel like a wild animal caught in a trap that's willing to chew its own leg off just to get away. Trapped Paw = Trapaw


Reside: Birmingham, Alabama, US

Age: 23 on May 30, 2011

Family: I'm some crazy chick's live-in boyfriend, haha.

Occupation: Over The Road trucker

Wife's Occupation: Wal-mart Asst. Manager

Hobbies: Guitar playing, bass playing, recording music, death-metal vocals, being a sarcastic jerk to mask my social insecurities.

Why do you like this forum?:
1) They have such laid back and person interviews with some of my FAVORITE guitarists
2) There is a lot to learn
3) I can usually find the info I need

When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Oh god...Back when I was like 12. Still have it, still love it.

Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?:
I was taking lessons from this dude and I was playing his Washburn Mercury II for the lessons. He offered the guitar to me for a good price with a crap amp and I bought it.

Future Plans:
1.) Get my own place again. I'm going to BUY it this time.
2.) Get back into college
3.) Actually do something with my music
4.) Learn the finer points of recording music

Something Most People Don't Know About Me:
Oh lord...there's alot people don't know about me. The one thing alot of people don't know even though it's not hard to find out is that I am very active within the furry fandom. No I don't perpetuate the creepy stereotypes.


General Discussion / How does the XM Pro2F Stack Up?
« on: April 02, 2011, 10:58:36 PM »
Hey there.

I'm hoping to get some help with making my mind up on my next purchase. My quandary is this:

Since my last guitar purchase two years ago, I've really learned about what I want in a guitar. Three basic needs are 1.) Mahogany body 2.) String thru body 3.) Neck-Thru-Construction.

Now I play only Washburns and ESP/LTDs and I have found the seemingly perfect guitar from both companies. LTD has the MH-350NT. Washburn's version of what I want seems to be the XM PRO2F.

Now I'm really leaning toward the Washburn XM because it has the passive pick-ups, which I have a heavy preference for, and hey...It's a Washburn, haha.

My only issue is that I have played the LTD MH-350NT and I frickin' love it. Smooth as butter, looks and sounds great. I have not been able to find a Washburn XM PRO2F to test drive. Both are in the same price range, and meet my three basic features, but they also seem to have some different features unique to themselves. I'm wanting to know how well they stack up against each other and if anyone has played or owns the Washburn XM PRO2F, how does it play, how easy is it to set up, how thin is the neck on the XM, how does it sound, how's the clean sound? Does anyone know a place in the Birmingham area where I can actually get my mitts on one of them?

Thanks for reading this long frickin' post.

Show Us Your Washburn / Is this a Washburn?
« on: April 02, 2011, 10:11:21 PM »
Dude...This LOOKS like one of the Mercury Series guitars. I say that because it has the same headstock shape and that same serial plate as my '91 Mercury II Series.

Show Us Your Washburn / My Line up
« on: February 17, 2008, 10:33:03 PM »
Got a new one here.

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

Show Us Your Washburn / Washburn X50PRO Cocobolo limited edition
« on: February 07, 2008, 11:53:15 PM »
Nice guitar. What are you planning on playing with it?

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

Hrmmm.... So I have.....Dammit. Oh advice still stands.

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

Show Us Your Washburn / My Line up
« on: February 06, 2008, 10:01:30 PM »
Thank you.

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

Man....It all depends on where you look for your musicians. I know for a fact that Charlotte is a pretty good place for starting a metal band. Between The Buried And Me came from Charlotte, if I have my facts correct. Faceless and KillWhitneyDead. both play Charlotte quite a bit. I'd hit up local shows and start chatting with people. At a KWD show in December, I found an entire band (Lead, rhythm, bass, drums, and vocals(myself)) in 2 hours. Sucks that I'm not in Charlotte. is a pretty good resource for finding folks.

Like I said, sucks I'm not in Charlotte but if you're serious, you'll find the folks.

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

Show Us Your Washburn / Washburn Custom Dime 3 collection of a Madrocker!
« on: February 06, 2008, 09:06:18 AM »
Dude....never a HUGE Dimebag fan, but always respected the talent.....only one word can describe that collection.....BRUTAL!

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

Show Us Your Washburn / My Line up
« on: February 06, 2008, 08:15:32 AM »

I own a Washburn Mercury II that I picked up about 6 years ago and a Washburn Taurus 12 model 4-string bass that I adore. I just bought a WI14 for a damn good price. It's shaping up to be a great guitar so far.

I picked up my Mercury II about 6 years ago from a friend for $100. When I did, I knew nothing about playing guitar. This is the one I taught myself on and the one I use in shows. I use the Boss MT-2 pedal and a Digitech Death Metal pedal with her.

I have been drooling over the Taurus 12 and the 14 for over two years. So when I saw this T12 at a pawn shop for $120, I leaped. I'm glad I did since she is sooo easy to play. I barely have to touch the frets. Our bassist abandoned his Ibanez bass and plays my T12 at shows. No lie! Very rarely do I use distortion on my lovely lady here, but when I do, a simple Boss DS-1 does a fine job.

I saw you laying in the snow, smiling faintly as you counted crows

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