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Thanks to one & all, yes that's now my guitar !!! I have a few Crafters, A couple of Lags, An Epi, an old lawsuit Takemine from 83 ( which is a stunner!!) a beautiful  Turner travel gtr but no Washburn,until now. I'll let you all know my thoughts when it reaches me tomorrow. Thanks again.

Thanks very much, this help is really appreciated,there's only one way to learn, and that's to ask the people that know. Thanks again. Still don't seem to be able to find any info specifically about a DC-82 apparently these are the only numbers/letters on the Washburn label !!!.???  I have seen Mr Smith's wonderful collection and the D-82 he has is nothing like it......the plot thickens.

Thanks, Looks like its a good buy, Anymore info please. Sorry i dont have a pic,

Can anyone help with any info regarding a Washburn DC-82 cutaway, Abalone Binding& Around soundhole, What look like snowdrop position markers, Moustache Bridge, spruce Top .I would like any info that you can provide as i can't find ANYTHING ANYWHERE.  Aparantly bought in the states 5 years ago.......thats all i know. Am desperate for some info please help, Is it a solid top Etc.

Hi Mike, Congrats on a stunning collection, Please can you or anyone out there give me any info regarding a Washburn DC-82 i have bought it and it's on it's way, i can't find any info about this guitar anywhere, the guy says he bought it in the States 5 years ago, thats all i know, The pic looked great abalone, edges & soundhole, " moustache" bridge, snowdrop markers natural finish, i don't know if its a solid top or laminate .?have i done well or not ? i paid £100.any info would be really helpful Please help. Thanks.

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