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the seller only had some small off-brand amp and it would make odd noised when his children ran around and shook the floor so hard to do much real testing.
I had my son play it and yes there was a good range of tones available from it.

I've got a fender mustang V and a small vipyr amp to work with, as well as my fender rumble bass amp which make a guitar sound rather interesting (my daughter used it for practice for a while).

Googling seems to suggest 11 or 12's for strings, nickel - usually cleartone comes up. I think I want a hex core, round wound in nickel -its what I run on my one bass. It's a place to start.

I'll have an hour maybe tomorrow to play around. Can pick up strings on tuesday assuming hell hasn't frozen over by then (-13 expected low here that day..0 for a high.)

We have several washburns in the house (an elec and an acoustic) and now have an oscar schmidt OE30 in red, like new.

I've been fiddling with bass and wanted to try my hand at guitar and the acoustic is fine but I want to 'make more noise' LOL. My daughter has a very thin necked strat that my fingers don't like and my son gives me dirty looks when I play his, even though he plays my bass more than I do!

So picked it up, like new condition.

Strings are too light - what are some good strings for a hollowbody for blues?
Fret ends could use a bit of sanding maybe and intonation is way off but I'll fix that when I change the strings.

I see some have pickguards and some do not..mine does not. Any rhyme or reason for this?

How hard is it to change to a trapeze from a stop bridge? Most of what i've read says a stop is better, but I like the look of a trapeze or maybe a bigsby.

Haven't had a chance to play with it much - picked it up and friday night is a run all over the place with the kids and i work tomorrow. So I don't know now the pops sound but think I want P90s. How obnoxious is it to change pups on a hollow body?

General Discussion / Which Amp and 4x12? Or is it overkill?
« on: November 01, 2013, 08:12:45 AM »
Looking for any input and advice.
Looking to get my son a 'real' amp and have narrowed it down to 2 new ones and 3 used ones.

Fender Mustang V and 4x12 used they're asking $425
Marshal MG100 and 4x12 and 4 button pedal, used, asking $400
Crate Shockwave 350 and a 4x12 cab with crate speakers, used, asking $275

All are private sellers, all are similar in wattage and cabinet.

New I'm thinking a fender mustang V v2 at $299, but I have some things to trade in at the guitar center and they're running a special so might get $120-150 in credits making it $150-180. And it's new and it's the latest model. (the v1 is still available for $239). The v1 is tempting just because it's cheaper...missing the xlr out is the big difference.

Due to cost will probably still get a used cabinet - 2x12 is more than enough and takes up less space in the house but 4x12s are more common and often cheaper.

The challenge is this is for my son for his birthday (which is still 7 weeks off) and I know tone is a personal thing. I also know what he likes now (punk, green day, blink 182) may change over time - but good distortion is important.

He's not into pedals (yet) but wants to start a band with friends in the not too distant future - so giggable gear is what I'm after. Sep cab/head means he can move to a tube head one day  and use the cab he has, or not have to take everything to gigs if the place has a system or he uses my pa system (hence the interest in xlr out feature)

I'd love to have a grand to spend but that's not gonna happen.

I can get a near new Fender mustang 3 for $'s a combo amp and tempting because it's smaller, lighter and still likely plenty loud and should have good tone. If he's gonna drag things to friends houses it's perhaps better...but we have a music room (with bass and amp, drums, small vipyr guitar amp) so his friends will almost certainly come here.

Looking for any experience or points of view.

Looking online the mustangs ALL get great reviews and I love my rumble bass amp. My son, being a Billie Joe fan, likes marshall (for that reason only - he's never played through one). I know sometimes fantasy plays a role in having fun and being motivated - a marshall half stack would make him play more and that may be important. The specific crate head gets good reviews and the price is tempting...but the cab is sort of an unknown. How much does that matter?

Buying off a person you never can be sure what you're getting. Guitar center had a generous return policy but don't have what we want there's no way to know what we're getting till they ship it in.

General Discussion / Re: First time Guitar buyer, need help!
« on: October 21, 2013, 09:59:49 PM »
Go to a few music stores and look at used acoustics.  Play them - the best you can anyway. You need to get a feel for them.
A cheap guitar sucks - it won't hold tune, won't sound good, won't hold up, has no resale value and can be hard to play - the ass'y quality just isn't there - uneven frets, cheap strings, etc.

So that makes learning to play that much harder - and discouraging.

And you'll do MUCH better if you take lessons, and lessons will soon add up to a lot more cost than the instrument itself.

My son was given a 1960s folk (size) guitar and started learning on that - so it can be done. We then got him a washburn acoustic, used, for $180 from a guitar center. HUGE difference in sound and playability. 1000 times better. And no more cost than what you're pointing to at costco. A strap is $10 and a stand $15.
if money is the #1 concern there are $40 acoustics here

In the used under $100 are yamaha, fenders, ibanez, epiphone (gibson), a couple of washburn D10's, hohner. I'd lean toward the washburn or yamaha. I don't know the 'quality' of acoustics from fender or ibanez or epiphone - they make great electrics and are name brands.

I've played (at a low skill level I admit) a dozen some basses. Most are not that exciting in feeling or tone, to me at least.

I did get to play a Rik 4003...LOVED IT. But at $1700 used I had to pass. Tried a lower end fender, a squier, music man..again, nothing amazing happened.

Months ago I played a through neck 5 strick, shechtor (spelling?). Loved it. Used, $450ish. Since then I've wanted a through neck and a 6 string is tempting - I want a high c dammit.  I've since talked to a few bass players that say the shector is junk - won't hold tune and are just trouble (hence the low price).

i've heard good thing about Peavy basses and a friend picked up a Grind - through neck 6 string, new, blem model - $300. I've got 'custody' of it until he can sneak it past his wife. I kinda like it...and for that, I want one (he says the store has another at that price).

Now to get it I'd likley have to find a new wife OR sell/trade my yamaha RBX375 5 string. I couldn't find a 6 and found this used for $150 so jumped on it. It's a quality axe. It's the same price new as the through neck Peavey Grind...

Which makes me wonder about the grind's quality. A friend has a peavey 5 string and it sounds nice and plays well.

The only odd thing I've noticed with it is a resononace builds and the strings begin to 'ring'. Didn't have this with the other couple of through necks I've play with. Lots of sustain, as expected, and i guess I could learn to palm mute or otherwise mute the ringing.

So is a grind a decent bass? I'm a student and it will be a few years before i play for an audience, if ever. 

my little bass amp is a 30 watt or something, $99 last christmas, just so I had someting to use. Not loud enough with a bass, no good tones from it either. I'll try it with a guitar..I know at best I'll get $50 for it and trade in at a GC likely $25-30. Any use I can put it to would be better than that.

I put my daughters start into my fender rumble and wow, it's impressive sounding. If I had gotten the next rumble up (75% more money which I didn't have at the time) it has a tweeter/horn in it - would have likely been lots of fun with a 6 string.

At least I'm narrowing down what to get...the BS I'm looking at has 1 12" and is 60w. The 100w/2-12 is a more fair comparison to the Marshall head.

General Discussion / Re: Behringer 1200 watt amp. SUCKS.
« on: October 17, 2013, 08:17:53 PM »
google behringer...lots of issues with much of their gear. Seems you can get a good one - and if you do they get decent reviews. But seems QC is spotty at best. Cheap...

tube vs solid state...
SS is lighter, cheaper, more reliable. Most that take tube amps 'on the road' talk about changing tubes a couple of times a year.
Most tube amps don't model much of anything, so you need pedals for most effects. More cost, more stuff to carry around.

He has a vypyr now and I've got a modeling pedal for my bass amp (digitech bp355). So we're used to the modeling aspect... both good and bad. I"m not keen on the cab modeling at all.
Amp modeling and effects are pretty good (sounding and useful).

The BS we played with had a tremendous range of sounds via the Tube emulation knob. Amazing IMO.
My son has some affinity for the name Marshal. My bass teacher (also teaches other things, tours at time, has a rehearsal room he rents out completely gig ready- including Billy Sheehans former 8x10 cabinet!!!!) And he's a fan of solid state and uses that particular marshal.

My son likes (at this time) to play Punk, Alternative, Indie so distortion is a sound he prefers. Clean? He never plays clean.  I'll have to consider that in regards to the amp/cab .. not sure how either of these stack up. I know tubes are probably a better choice for this.

But I suspect his musical tastes will change over time...we'll see. He's still young and is interested in attending the local perf arts HS and they'll demand he broaden his musical tastes a bit. And if he plays gigs he's gonna need to play covers of all sorts of things.

I like the sound of the mustang amps too. Orange is one I see a lot of bands using, and egnator. Too many clearcut parameters either.

easier to pick my bass amp...I want X, don't have that much went too small and too I spent again, at least with more knowledge. But a fender rumble 75 was only $225 and as an adult I can buy what I want when I want (money willing). My son has to live with it for a while...and i don't want nagged about it being the wrong amp! :o

My son is need (need? Ok...) of a better guitar amp. He's been using a 15w vypir and it's been good, but he's out growing it to some extent and now his sister has started taking lessons so second amp is needed anyway.

Asking at stores you get all sorts of answers that come across as too salemany - whatever the store seems to have the most of (brand wise) is what they push as 'the best thing since they invented the electric guitar'.  I've tested this theory by going in diff days and talking to diff people and say I play metal or country and they STILL push the same amps! here's the need/desires.
My son has a washburn elec and a washburn elec/acoustic and one day will get some gibson model. We also have a strat copy in the house (my daughters guitar).
My son is into green day, blink 182, weezer. His teacher does a lot of classic rock of all kinds (from metallica to pink floyd). My son loves distortion.

I'm hoping this amp will work for him for 5-10 years so versatility and the ability to play with a drummer and live is a key feature.

For many reasons we're looking only at solid state amps. I sorta would like an amp/cab vs a combo but I"m not sure it matters. Which is better (and why?)

I'm open to suggestions...but these are what we've looked at, played through, had good players play through.
Marshall MG100FX. My bass teacher (who also plays guitar) uses one at gigs and loves it. Would need a cabinet...ideas there?
The local store I tend to trust (no real bad advice so far) are blackstar fans and recommend a 60w combo  the ID60 TVP which I think sounds amazing.

So...I've heard marshall quality isn't what it once was and the store says the blackstar is bulletproof...

The budget I"m thinking is $500-600 range.
Not sure what kind of cab I can get with the marshall and keep in the budget.

Any input or experience with these brands or other ideas?

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / The Fifth String - go Hi C or Lo B? Why?
« on: February 07, 2013, 08:56:16 AM »
It's not a BTB but I did score a 5 string bass yesterday (Yamaha RBX375 for $160).
It's strung conventionally - low B, EADG. Sounds nice.

I figured when I got a 5 string I'd do EADG and high C (.32 or so). But man, that low b sounds nice.

I am learning, play alone and am playing a lot of 'simple' songs in the treble clef.

So what's the good/bad with a high c vs a low b, or vice versa?

my son is doing amazingly well on his guitars and since i got him a good electric (a washburn) for christmas his 'hand me down' accoustiv from grandpa isn't satisfying him anymore - he wanted an acoustic with a cut back neck, better action and electrics would be nice.

I figured we'd go look and get an idea of what he likes so I can begin saving for it - figuring $500ish range.

The first guitar he walks up to is a used WD20SCE that is perfect - could use strings but there's not a mark on it anyplace. He plays it, plays a few others and for $190 I'm really tempted to not pass it up, so we go into the higher end room and he plays a selection of $1000-1500 martins, taylors and gibsons and while he likes the taylor (and dislikes the martin) he (and I) can't tell any difference in playing/sound...there must be some difference to justify the price, but we at this point can't tell what it is.

But wow, does it sound amazing! Even though he's a tad small for a dreadnaught sized guitar (he's 12 and small for his age) he can indeed play it quite well.

I told him it's the last acoustic I'm paying for (for him) so he better like it. The next one he'll have to earn the money for. And I still had some issues with the better half.

I tried to explain to her that I think I did well...I didn't buy the used 5 string schecter bass that was absolutley f'n unreal to play and hear, or the amp I was playing it through....but I have a pretty good idea what I want for my next bass (string/build wise)

General Discussion / Re: How to legally play music in public?
« on: January 18, 2013, 03:39:19 PM »
Thank you, makes a lot of sense.

I'm a photographer by trade and it's a lot more complicated and folks get a lot more up in arms over the use of their work. The latest bruhaha is google paid a stock agency (getty) for use of images in google docs as clip art and the like, but anyone that uses google docs can use the images for free, for commercial use, etc as much as they want. Google has even removed all traces of the origin and author of the image (normally this is in the EXIF info).
With the proposed changes in the copyright laws concerning orphan works the photogs have essentially turned their work over into the public domain for practically nothing.
The photographers whose work was 'sold' get a one time $12 payment Period and in total no matter how or how much or for what their images are used.

 20 years ago to use an image in a national ad campaign could run $10k or more - now it can be done for free. And there is a lot of use of stock images in ads, magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Each had a different pay figure based on distribution, type of use, lenght of use, etc.

 Photographers used to be able to make a living making/selling 'stock' images but it's been declining for a long time and now, well, with this very few will be able to make a living now.

General Discussion / Re: How to legally play music in public?
« on: January 17, 2013, 08:31:16 AM »
What if I decide to play in the subway for change?
I throw a party and have my bandmates play?
I do a video of myself (and/or bandmates, or perhaps my son and his friends) playing a cover of a song and post it on youTube or our own website, Fb, etc?

I know I'm probably being a PITA with my questions, but i'm one for knowing what might happen should I (or my kids) get caught. See, I'm the one that gets audited by the state every year, gets a ticket for this and that just because.

General Discussion / Re: How to legally play music in public?
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:38:54 PM »
Just very curious at this point...

I know they chase down music pirates that copy music.
I know DJs pay something, and most give brides a copy of 'their songs' afterwards and say nobody has been busted for doing so.
I'm a photographer by trade and have looked into rights for video/slideshows and website use and things are getting better (as in easier) but it's still difficult.

Now that my son and I are getting into music we're being taught others' music and it just occurred to me that this may be an infringement, and how do bands deal with this, what if you perform a song at a bar or picnic or open mic night and it's video taped and put on youtube? Etc.

I read the info at ASCAPs site but its not much clearer than mud - 'we offer over 1000 different licenses'...

General Discussion / How to legally play music in public?
« on: January 02, 2013, 08:28:45 AM »
Since music has copyright protection what do you need to do to legally play other artists songs in public, for money, etc?

Does recording it require anything different, as in for use on a youtube video, promo for your band/self, use on a website, etc?

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