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Festival Series / Re: Washburn EA44 I think...
« on: February 21, 2014, 11:21:52 AM »
I am a lucky man.

I found an old Washburn on eBay, with a broken neck....

It has the chicklet black plastic and chicklets I need. If you notice in the my picture, the wood bridge has been replaced, and the dude sanded the old chicklet frame and Chiclets's to accommodate the new wood bridge height, well the frame of the chicklet bridge pulls forward when the guitar is strung up to 440 tune tention , now I need a Chiclets saddle...

Why do I need a new chicklet bridge?- The Washburn wood bridge had very little meat right in front of the E-1st. string, and cracked along the pin holes also.

The guitar I bought is useless, broken neck right through the volute area. But I will have old 2 knob electronic controls, tuning keys, and wiring if anyone needs them.

Still having a hard time with this guitar model... Any help is appreciated.

Festival Series / Washburn EA44 I think...
« on: February 19, 2014, 12:52:07 PM »
I have a beautiful Washburn Guitar; I am having a hard time identifying it. I have pictures, but need to know how to upload, as I am new to this.

I am guessing about 1 1992-96 EA44 Woodstock, I have been reading a lot about these guitars, and have written many songs on mine. I bought 1n 1996 as maybe new? Well the finish is a quilted mahogany, I believe.
White 3-binding front-back neck, oval sound hole-3-line rosette. But it has GOLD tuners. Slider 3-band EQ. If someone could instruct me of how to upload pictures, I sure could use the help.

I have a beautiful Washburn, I am setting it up to play with better intonation.
Someone shaved the black plastic housing down and and the Chicklets,
which causes the bridge to tmove/pull forward with thie strings on.

After having the guitar repaired because Ithe original bridge was cracked between the pin holes... So he made a custom bridge with more meat on the front side of the bridge...  very very nice however the inftnation should be a little better...  so what I need is a complete new bridge and Chiclets so it will set deep enough into the new bridge without moving forward, makeing sure the saddles are where they need to be.

Any help, suggestions, message, supplies, repair ideas, would be appreciated...

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