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Show Us Your Washburn / Boogie Street ET Idol
« on: April 22, 2008, 11:59:07 AM »
No, BSG is washburns largest dealer.  They work together closely with washburn and order truley unique and custom pieces.  Check out their website

The pilsen is a really good guitar but i personally would buy it from Eric at Boogiestreet Guitars.  He has these but he may also have something more special and less $$.  

Send him and email and tell him TITO sent you.

Show Us Your Washburn / Cannot Identify This Washburn Custom Shop
« on: July 31, 2006, 12:33:58 PM »
Originally posted by madball

looks like a boogie street southern cross import.

Ok,  here is my thoughts on it.    It is defiently a Southern Cross.  However, it IS NOT Boogie Street Import Southern Cross Imports.  because of 2 reasons.  

The first being that they do not exist....yet.  The last I heard they are still in production.

The second is that it is signed by Dimebag so if you put that with the first reason... enough said on that....

Not that i am an expert by any means and don't flame me for stating what information i can tell you about this but,

There were only about 87 or so of the original 100 (for consumers) that were made.  I believe something like only 7 of those had a black back (I believe all of those went to Eric at Boogie Street) and the rest have a natural back (such as this one does)  I would need a better picture of the back of the headstock to be sure of this but, they were all numbered by the custom shop 1/100 2/100 etc.  so this one does not seem to have a number on the back so one would believe that this could be either a prototype or it was originally owned by Dime himself.

At any rate it is beautiful guitar and I think you should feel really lucky to have it in your possesion.  Keep it nice but RIP IT UP!!!!!

Show Us Your Washburn / Washburn-Boogie Street BOOGIEBOLT #25 !!
« on: June 22, 2006, 06:42:30 AM »
rock on chad!!  nice stuff...  

we have two of the same... the original ET and the boogiebolt...

Show Us Your Washburn / My BoogieStreet Washburns
« on: June 22, 2006, 06:39:45 AM »
monkey, you rock!  Great collection...

sorry i missed you when you in the 'burgh.  had no idea or i would stopped by.  i'm only a 10 minutes drive.  but hey, what can you do?

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / HB Top thickness.
« on: June 22, 2006, 06:33:53 AM »
Sorry, not familiar with any other HB but these...

I recently aquired a Washburn Limited Run Boogiebolt and let me tell you this thing f**king rocks!!!  Seymour Duncan DimeBucker and '59, Floyd Rose, grovers, Beautiful Flame Top (no photo flames here), Abalone Inlays AND Abalone Lighting Bolts inlayed on the body!!  This thing is beyond amazing!!  

Below is a link to a recent post at

The easiest way to get a ballpark figure is to check eBay.  You can search to see what they HAVE sold for in the past by doing an advanced search and checking the box that states search completed listings only.  

This may help you determine what you could expect to get if you sold yours and also helps compare your condition because you can see pictures of it, as well as the final sale price.  

Check this auction listing to see an example....  7413378543

in my opinon i think that we all have to understand one very big reason behind everthing that surrounds the question of why people play what manufacturer/make/model of guitar.   it's $$$$!! and as much as we would like to think that people endorse companies because of the quality and feel and all of the other things that you read, i feel that somewhere in it is money.  It's a bussiness, these are people that are doing what they love BUT they are also getting paid to do it...  I don't want to knock anything or anybody but there are people out there that are endorsed by epiphone. And Paul Stanley (who also was endorsed by Washurn at one point) was also a Silvertone endorsee...  please don't flame me for my opinon but i feel that if you stop and think about it you may see it in a different light....

Originally posted by TonyG

Originally posted by The Ringer


The neck on the Pilsen has a fatter feel to it than the WI64DL. Along with a fatter neck it also has a thicker body, more sustain etc... The Neck joint on the Pilsen is remarkably smooth and seemless and blends perfectly with the body. The upper fret access is there, its just whether or not you like the feel of you get there. I'd highly reccomend testing one.

Thanks Ringer. When I played on a while ago I do recall the thickness, but I didn't check to see how the fret access was. Unfortunately the place that sold the guitar no longer has it in stock.

Just from pics it looks like it's cut deeper into the body than the LP.

Quick the WI68 as thick as the Pilsen?

The thickness on the Pilsen is thicker.  it really is on the beefy side but not TOO big.  Really good feel to it...

In my opinon, get the Pilsen.  The IDOL just has so much better fret access on the high register and it is simply a beautiful guitar.  They are a really great USA made guitar for an unbeatable price!!!    Don't quote me but I think you can get them for 950-1000 from Boogiestreet.   I own an ET IDOL that I bought from Boogiestreet and have played the Pilsen's at Booigestreet and they really do sound great! The thicker body and beefy neck feel great. And hell check out some of the Import Idols he has too!!!  The sound, hardware, pickups, quality and price can't be beat for what you get!

My Les Paul has been hanging on the wall for a long sure does look good there...

I don't know how the sound is but they are making an idol that has the same setup as a telecaster.  Contact Eric at Boogiestreet to see if he nows anything about them but here is a link to a photo on his website.

« on: May 10, 2006, 07:02:20 AM »
Call Wasburn Customer Service.  They should be able to lend a hand...

The number is 1-800 US SOUND (877-6863) and try extension 5120.

Show Us Your Washburn / My Washburns
« on: November 07, 2005, 11:24:08 AM »
JoeyM you've got one sick-ass collection!  You RAWK!!!  I like the 3 pickup idol a lot.  (i played it at BoogieStreet and thought it was really cool)

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