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Here's a link to a few photos:
The guitar has normal wear and tear for an instrument that was regularly played for years.  There is a small crack in the lower bout that I've shown in 2 of the photos... it's been there since day 1 and has never caused any problems.  It needs cleaning and a new set of strings, but even with the old strings it sounds great.  My understanding from the dealer when it was purchased in 79 was that this guitar was the Washburn sales rep's demo guitar.

The strap will not be included in the sale as it's one I made, has my name on it, etc.  The pickup is an old barcus berry that the jack or something has a bad connection so it needs replacing or removing.

If there's interest, I'll put it on ebay for a short auction unless someone makes me a good offer here.  I'm thinking at least $800, I hate to sell it, but I need the $$.

I'm considering selling my 1979 Washburn Prairie Song Custom D66SW S/N 791639 if the price is right.  It's in great condition.  I was the original owner.  It's been well taken care of and has the original hard-shell case.

After reading a little in this forum, I'm concerned that these guitars don't bring the $$ that match their quality and sound.  But I need to sell it... I will post some photos if anyone is interested.


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