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It says on the headstock in big letters, WASHBURN
And underneath it in smaller letters, LYON SERIES
It has some a lion's head on it.

The headstock it rounded on the end, much like Fender's, but without the circle shape. It's almost a banana headstock.

24 frets.

3 pickups, 2 singlecoils, 1 humbucker.

Volume, tone

No pickguard was ever on it.
Black with orange burst, black back and sides

Oh, also the frets are really big. and disappointingly soft- they appear to have major wear.

The truss rod is accessible at the bottom of the neck by the neck humbucker.

Bridge has top mounted tremelo.

Flat top, forearm and chest contours.

5 way pickup selector.

Black hardware.

Neck says WE4-TS (I think TS is the colour, I tried to do some research. :P)
Neck plate says 4100778.

It has a black plastic plate on the back for access to the tremelo springs, and another plate for access to the potentiometers.

I've been through the Washburn catalogues and can't find it, I have found similar guitars on the internet, but not with the same shape headstock, and they all had pickguards.

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