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You really need to get some new cushion covers!!!!!!!!!

I wish i had those problems!

I live in scotland you're lucky if you get a washboard never mind a washburn. heh heh

You got it S.O.F.

that is exactly what i mean no two guitars are the same even if it is the same model, same year, one digit of a difference on the serial no. it can behave differently. I like your angle on the reason as to why the fretboard needs to be replaced, you been playing your guitar rather than admiring it through a glass case! if you need to replace your fretboard now and then because your fingers have worn it away then this is a truly positive effect although any  shredders out there watch out (you may need to get part-time jobs!!!)

So i guess the real point is dont forget to play your guitar as you might spend too much time choosing the right kind of silk to lie it down on.

Again will depend on that particular piece of rosewood. There are different types of rosewood which will have been seasoned for varying lengths of time which could be anything from 1 year to 100 years  (it has been known) no two guitars are alike because of all these things to take into consideration. I have an old archtop from the late 50's and it has cracks creeping from the edges of the f-holes although it is so minimal it doesnt affect it in any way but i have treated this to try to slow the process down. I've seen guitars of the same age without this problem and i've seen guitars of the same age where the problem is worse. The neck though which was made in a time when no truss rod was common place was twisted out of shape therefore i have needed to re-profile it thus including a lot of work on the fretboard which involved leveling it away from the neck cutting new slots and refretting it so i have got to see further into the grain than most people would ever get to see on there beloved museum piece! I can tell you that simply due to the quality of the rosewood which in this case is a very close grain it has got a long shelf life. I also have a washburn parlour r305s which i totally love but the fretboard is of a far inferior quality rosewood where the grain is wide and i think it will suffer in two related ways. First being the drying out and the 2nd being the wearing away of those areas on the board used most but it's only a year old so i've a bit to go before either of these problems are likely to take place!!


Back to the question our friend was asking. You are probably suffering from confusion now ! i know i am and i've been playing guitars (and cleaning them) for a long time now. Too many conflicting answers what do you decide ? well here are some facts to assist you in making the right choice for YOU! If you leave a piece of wood lying around long enough it will dry to the point where it will crack and become very weak but will be excellent for getting a fire going!!! For this to happen takes a pretty long time (depending on the wood), so you kinda got to ask yourself am i gonna keep this guitar for the rest of my years if so it would be a good idea to nourish the wood periodically as wood likes that small amount of lemon oil will do this job fine. The fact is if you look at a lot of old guitars you will see cracks in many of them and this is purely down to the long and slow drying out of the woods. Taking the strings off your guitar to clean the fretboard will not do the guitar any damage unless it is a really poor piece of wood that has been used to make it but i think you're quite safe there.

Ultimately its your decision and you seem to have been bombarded with a wide variety of answers so all i can say is the advice i have given hasn't let me down for the 20+ years i've been playing so i hope this matter of time and experience helps you.


In my experience if a guitar has the fundamentals right in its construction thats what makes the difference. I used to own a fender strat delux plus which had a solid maple neck and was obviously a bolt on.The join where the neck went into the body was as close as it could get and would stay on without the bolts (if it wasn't strung up).I've never played a guitar with more sustain and resonance thats the gospel. On the other hand one of my friends had a standard issue american strat but the join was nowhere near as good.To the eye it didn't look to bad but once the bolts were off the difference was obvious the join was just not as exact as the join on my strat needless to say the sustain just wasn't there although it was still a nice guitar to play esp for choppy rhythm stuff.
But a bolt on should be treated like a set neck DONT TAKE IT OFF unless you are unfortunate enough to own a guitar with the truss adjuster at the bolt end which can only be adjusted with the neck removed which is the craziest bit of guitar design yet cos everytime you take those screws out(like it or not)some of the wood is taken with it and over time it will also remove some of the sustain/resonance from your beloved axe this is certainly the case for strats anyway. To cut this short if you're gonna buy a bolt on make sure you get one which has as close a fit neck as possible. you can find this out before you even pick it up!

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / R305S Parlor Guitar
« on: September 22, 2005, 09:11:39 AM »
Where's everyone gone!
ya probably playin guitars
ah well thats just typical.
Just bought an old hofner style guitar(made by marizza never heard of them!)the other day for the grand total of $5.00 gbp from a charity shop near where i live. Needless to say it needed a bit of work to get her up and playing. The neck needed re-profiled and a re-fret which were the main problems but once i finished doing that i had to spend $6 on a set of strings to get a sound! Bingo she sounds lovely largely helped on by the ancient piece of wood that she is i think it must be from around the mid to late 50's and is suprisingly in very good condition so there you go folks you dont need spend much doe to get a playable and nice sounding guitar. looks pretty cool to which was the real reason as to why i bought it! and at that price her indoors cant complain either yeehaa
bye for now

oh by the way sods law says that if you put your guitar in a hard case the roof of your house will come down!
you gotta weigh up the costs on that one so take out an insurance policy that covers these kinda unforseen accidents!

do wot you feel like on the day
thats some life advice
failing that get a piano.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / R305S Parlor Guitar
« on: August 18, 2005, 10:34:21 AM »
Hi folks

Anyone interested in a Yairi g1f 000 parlour? cos there's one on ebay uk with 3 days to go so far going at $250 with no bids to date.
To anybody who isn't familier with this guitar it has all the qualities of a parlour feel and sound wise but it does cover a little more ground. I used to have one on loan from a friend and it was probably the nicest guitar i have played! and i have picked a few in me days! If i had the funds at hand i would be in there but i dont so if you do i would seriously consider getting in there you won't be regretting anything!

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / R305S Parlor Guitar
« on: August 07, 2005, 07:40:13 AM »
Hi folks
Michael i got my r305s a few months back it was the only one in the shop not to mention the only one i have seen in any shop in edinburgh. Live Music is just up from the Kings theatre and is actually owned by the guys from scayles. They are very genuine and helpful in both shops but my advice would be simply to go into scayles and ask if they can track one down for you as they might just come up with a result! Worth a try anyway.
Alternatively check ebay i know that there aint any there at the moment but they were a regular visitor so its worth keeping an eye open just in case.
Anyway good luck with your hunt and im sure if you keep looking you'll get a hold of one.

Yes its been a while but im back now!
The old p.c. was in a bad way so i had a mate of mine give it the full service! I have also been recording with the wee guitar a lot on my 8 track and it is definitely doing things a great amount of justice. Ive been using my big dread a lot for kinda bass pickin stuff and then using the parlour for mid and higher parts so maybe 3 different guitar parts doing slightly different harmonies and usually all in different tunings which gets a bit confusing but it makes a nice sound!
 I am also gonna be doing guitar for the next Hobotalk album so we'll have Mr yairi and Mr r305 playing together which will be interesting to hear, i expect they'll sound pretty nice side by side so looking forward to the final results of that some time early next year.
Anyway hope yer all well and pickin away like mad for the good of mankind and i'll be back soon to find out the latest in the big world of small guitars.
All good things.

Hey guitar dudes
Michael i bought my r305s in live music on lothian road but i suspect you would be lucky to get one in there or scayles the mother shop!
 You would be advised to check out e-bay for such a guitar as you will probably get a better deal and would be more likely to see one.
Also to bear in mind that there are the two different verions there is the 12 fret body join or the 14th. I have the 14 which i find ideal the 12 would limit me for some of the stuff i do but i would certainly still go for the 12 fret one regardless because they are excellent guitars (especially for the price) so do pursue your hunt cos you will find one and you will be more than delighted with the results if you are after that honest feel and sound. i have pretty much taken what i bought as the wood and left it as it is but everything else on it has been replaced which has done untold justice to it.
I have done the ivory replacements on the bridge for the pins and saddle and replaced the nut for bone. i have not replaced the tuners yet but i shall do for 2 reasons. 1st they dont hold tuning too well although they aint the worst and also the metal wind alternative will certainly aid to the guitars ability to resonate.
Anyway whatever you do BUY ONE! They truly are incredible for the money (dont go above $300 unless you are seriously struggling to find one) and it will serve you well as a guitar that will leave you house bound thus giving you good reason to play blues and slack to the point where the neighbours will sweat by the milk in bottles going off on your door step(that is if you aint broke them in half for slides).
Good luck and i hope you get one soon as i know it changed me for the better as much as any guitar could!

Hi Fra
I tried an ozark parlour out in the shop i bought my r305 from and it played ok but the 305 was a lot more together as a guitar for me so needless to say the ozark is still in the shop as far as i am aware.
If i remember correctly the neck was slightly narrower and the tone wasnt quite as alive as the washburn but still it wasn't a bad guitar for the money at $200.
I must say though i dont think you'll get a much better guitar(if possible) than the r305 for that kind of money they are incredibly well made for the price.
Cheers for now and i hope the info is of some use!

Hi Pete
Yet another r305s goes for a rare old price!
yeah the yairi is quite distinct in its tone quality and i must again say that it is a lovely guitar to play.When you hear it just as it is in a room it really is quite special and they are not expensive guitars for the quality of them. I was quite suprised to hear you cant seem to find them in the states as they are reasonably well established makers. Im hoping to get hold of one in the next few weeks which will be another black mark against my name when i arrive home with yet another guitar-shaped suitcase. Its a healthy addiction ain't it?

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