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General Discussion / Re: ID this Washburn Please.
« on: September 15, 2017, 04:08:01 PM »
It is ok, I found most of the info that I need, it is a D13n from 1990/94, looking for a nut supplier as it needs one that fits prperly

General Discussion / ID this Washburn Please.
« on: September 15, 2017, 02:55:01 PM »
Hi guys and girls, its been awhile since I last prowled the forum pages, this time it is in search of a bit of help. (1) Is to ID this Washburn I picked up tonight and (2) It needs a new nut as the one that is on the guitar is completely wrong, so recommendations for type and or material of nut.

Thanks in advance

Show Us Your Washburn / So, here is the story of my D11..
« on: October 04, 2015, 02:06:44 PM »
I wont go in to boring you all with pictures and stuff, but I will ramble on with a few words about my D11.
Has to be the prettiest guitar I ever did lay my beady eyes on, and just to prove that point I am going back on my word and I'm about to bore you with a picture..

sorry but I couldn't resist it.
Anyway, I found the guitar via a friend on facebook, it was in his friends antique shop so a deal was done for not much money( plus the cost of postage) and I awaited delivery from deepest darkest Wales, no, no. not whales, but that there welsh Wales.
The guitar was in a right old mess if truth be told, caked in a layer of dust that was at least 10 years old it also looked like it may have sat in a shop window as the fret board and bits of the varnish look a bit washed out..
So I cleaned her up( as you see in my hard to resist photograph) restrung the beast and had a few days of play, I am going to book the guitar into the localish guitar shop and have her set up and checked over properly...
So, thats where I am so far with my D11. I would like a strap for it though but for some reason I cant find vintage washburn guitar straps anywhere( if the bods from washburn are looking in " a nice deep red strap with washburn in white thanks.")... well not unless i am looking in all the wrong places.

Thanks for the info and the replies, I will certainly look up the links posted, something else I would like to ask, is there no such thing as a "Washburn logo" guitar strap?. I have looked on the Washburn manufactures website but hey seem to have very little of anything...
thanks again

Funny how life is all about questions, isnt it?...( see what i did there).. Recently I picked up a Washburn D11 AN from an Antiques shop, not that I think the guitar is an antique or for that matter did the antique shop owner, but anyway. I would like to try and find out a bit more about the guitar and a search using the serial number ( SE 97030052) from what I can gather the "97" is the year of manufacture and I am guessing that the SE would be the place/region/country of manufacture, would anyone have an incling to where SE would be... oh, and another question. a wee search threw up that Washburns come standard with "D'Addario" strings, I have fitted those to my D11 but sadly I think they sound tinny, any other string recommendations?.

many thanks in advance

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