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So, I picked up a nice PXL 10 in the quilted wine burst, gorgeous guitar by the way, online. It's in excellent, nearly unplayed looking condition. Once I got it in the mail, I noticed that while the catalog and all the reviews mention it has coil splitting, mine doesn't. Where any of these made without this feature for some reason or do you think someone changed the pots for some crazy reason to get rid of the splitting option?

Or other thoughts!

Have any of you gotten a guitar with different specs than are listed in a catalog?

Appreciate it

(link to the catalog showing the PXL10QWB)

Afternoon Washburners,

I picked up a PXL10QWB online and it's in excellent shape. However, there is no coil splitting/push pull switches on the tone knobs. According to the catalog at   that PXL 10 series should have push/pull.

Any thoughts on why it's missing? First run guitar missing a feature? Someone removed it for different pots? (why would someone do that?). 

Any help appreciated! 

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