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There always is. :)

1/2 of my job is just googling guitars for people.  Please don't everyone learn how to use Google, they might not need me here.

The WG-580 existed about 2001 according to my price lists.  It looks like it has a Floyd Rose, Rosewood fingerboard, and a Hum, single, hum pickup configuration.

It's from the WR Series produced that year, the top of the line being the RS-980 and CS-780, the economy modesl were a variety of WR-150 guitars.

Retail list price at the time was $749.90, with an additional $139.90 for the case.


Post your thoughts on Banjos & Mandolins / banjo identification?
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:58:07 PM »
Yeah, that's an oldie.  Not a lot of records kepts around on some of these.  I'd check with banjohangout as MsWhat suggested, or with

It's vintage.

Vintage and Rare Washburns / Unknown Washburn Guitar
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:55:56 PM »
All you can really determine from these photo's is that it's a dreadnought model (D series), manufactured in the last 15 years or so.  We need the label internal, serial number, etc.


General Discussion / which country is my washburn made in?
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:49:30 PM »
The country of origin is likely either Indonesia or China.  Look at the serial number, if the second letter is an i it's Indo, if it's a c, it's China.  It's that simple usuallly.

General Discussion / Washburn G6-V and KC-90 No Serial Numbers?? PICS!!
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:44:02 PM »
The G6V was manufactured in the range of 1984-86.

The 1986 price lists showed it at $549.90 USD.  It's definetely a Japanese import model, but I really don't have it in any of the catalogs I have to give a ton more info on it.  

Looks nice, thanks for sharing. ;)

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Ain't it cool.......
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:36:21 PM »
Originally posted by Rocket

Originally posted by YerDugliness
...and, to quote Rocket:

Originally posted by Rocket

Everybody who's anybody around here knows Stacy!

So, if that's so, why the sudden granting of 5,000 posts once deltacaster was appointed a moderator?

I wasn't referring to forum... I was referring to more personal contacts I've had with Stacy in regards to some customer service issues.
As far as post counting... I never really noticed. I don't know about it and don't really care about that crap.
Who keeps up with post counts?
I figure a full moderator with access to the forum script has the ability to put whatever number he wants in there... right?
Meh, I'll stick with... who cares?

I'll admit I don't have 5,000 posts.  I've worked here for five years though, someone somewhere once thought it would be funny to up the number by 5,000, but it wasn't me.

I don't have anywhere near that, however I have answered questions about washburns, about 50 per day on average for 5 years.  Does that count for anything? lol.

It doesn't matter, you're right, I was just chiming in on a slow day at work.  I don't check this from home often, I have to think about something else a few hours a week. :)

D'Addario J-15 extra light strings.

Washburn has not been associated with Vinci strings for a couple of years now.

Originally posted by radenshirinji

Why was Washburn sold to a Canadian company?

It's more of a matter of the owner since the 1970's decided to retire than anything else honestly.  I don't know his age, but I'll guess he was in his 70's and it was time to move on.  The company is in very capable corporate hands with JAM industries, the US custom shop is still here outside Chicago, as well as our sales offices and the like.

If you want to be theoretical Mr. Schlacher, the former owner was Austrian, but let's not split hairs.  He had run a Chicago guitar company successfully since even before he affiliated himself with the Washburn line, and was a true pioneer of bringing quality instruments to the masses at an affordable price.

22.75 inches

I am sorry you feel this way Quinn.

I was simply relaying the request for a photo of the tuning machine to ensure we did not send you the wrong one, since we do not have one of these model guitars readily available in our showroom.

I apologize, we have what we hope will be the right tuning machine on the way out to you.



Originally posted by Quinn Spalpeen

Dear Washburn,

Though I really like the guitar I bought last week (with a broken tuner button that everyone says can't be replaced) I must tell you that the customer service person I had to deal with on the phone was very, very rude. Not just a little rude, I mean very rude. Stacy was his name.

He insisted on anticipating my every second word and interrupted me repeatedly making it very difficult to explain what should have been a very simple situation. During a five minute conversation I was not allowed to finish even one sentence without his interrupting me to finish the sentence for me. (And his getting it wrong every time made it even more frustrating.) He insists I must go out and buy a camera to take a photo of guitar before he can help me. I live in an assisted home on disability due to severe social phobias and agoraphobia so that's not an option. I've not been out in several years, so going to a repair  shop is out of the question and it's such a small thing I could fix myself.

A week ago I bought a Washburn WD114S from Musician's Friend which was a clearance item and they have no more. It arrived with a broken tuner button on the low E-string. Musician's Friend now tells me my only option is to spend $20.00 to return it and a 10% restocking fee. That would be $35.00 total because of a 50 cent part. Which really doesn't make much sense as I like the guitar a lot.

All I want/need is a button (50 cent item) or a replacement tuner. It's a Grover 'clone tuner' that I've measured up and down and has the exact same dimensions, screw sizes, post sizes as a Grover 14:1 Rotomatic or 18:1 Rotomatic. That's all I need, pretty simple right. Why should I have to spend $40 to $60 to fix a 50 cent part that arrived less than a week ago in two pieces? That really is not fair.

Stacy, besides the annoying habit of thinking he knew what I was going to say before I said it, refused to let me deal with another person or his supervisor. You really should let this guy go because Washburn has a great reputation for customer service (which is one of the reasons I chose this guitar) and he's trying his best to change that reputation. Please prove that you deserve that good reputation by responding to me.

Thanks for listening,
Quinn Satterfield
C/O Clinton House Assisted Living
P. O. Box 1107
Clinton, NC 28328
(910) 592-0154


Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / It's Interesting
« on: March 05, 2008, 10:59:39 PM »
Originally posted by YerDugliness
It just seems to me that if he hasn't cared enough to post on the forum for 6 months, that he might not have much of an investment in the goings-on here, anyway, but like I said, since I'm a relative noob I missed most of what he posted, anyway--it happened well before I joined, obviously--so I'm still curious to hear from this new moderator.

If anyone here thinks I'm not aware of what goes on in this forum because I don't post here often, you should probably consider my occupation :)  I talk about what you talk about on here 40 hours a week, etc.

I am one of a very small group of people who field any concern about any instruments we make.  If there is a trend, I know about it.  I have personally played this parlor guitar, and honestly wanted one PRETTY BADLY, but things being what they are personally, it wasn't in the cards right now.  

To my knowledge, I have not set up a return, or fielded a complaint about a single one to date, honestly.  The specs on them are so true to the originals that some of the parts have even been used to retrofit the original series of guitar they duplicate faithfully.  I have little to no reason to doubt this guitars from what I know of it, or the expert opinion of our senior technician who advised me based on these same photos.  We made sure the bracing was checked, the wood for structure, everything seems fine.  I wish I had this guitar, I'll leave it there I guess.  

I will be checking this forum out more frequently, but really just to help, and keep persoal flaming away if possible.  Not necessarily about differing opinions on guitars, but to make sure everyone here has a enjoyable experience on the forum.  We're here to talk about guitars, mandolins, banjo's, basses, and ultimately about making music with them, which is a beautiful and creative thing.   If you want to flame, buy an electric and join a punk band :) (not that I don't love acoustic punk as well)  We're here to help, and I'm here right now, Im not at work, I love these instruments and I like supporting them.  We would never offer anyone advise that we didn't stand behind, and we remember more of the names and people than you could imagine (model numbers and phone calls fill my dreams dude).  Take issues up with us directly I believe is the email address.  This isn't the place for it really. We listen.  



Originally posted by Goldie

Would the EA then be good for a small adult like the F52. You said it was thinner but is it larger in other ways?
How would you compare the EA21 to the EA20.

Should I also consider the F32?

Thanks so so much!

You will find that some of the best sounding stage guitars, useful for plugging in with groups, are not always the loudest guitars when played purely acoustic.  Loud acoustic guitars will create more feedback when turned up through a PA or amplifier.  It's simply the nature of physics and amplified sound.  Many of the people on here have already advised you of that with some good suggestions.

I reccomended trying the WB400 because in all honesty, we just ran a contest giveaway with Womans World magazine, as we think it would suit a womans stature as a full sounding acoustic more than the other jumbo guitars that are popular.  It sounds great, is all solid wood, and just about every guitar player is under 6'4, I realize that :)

All being said, a thin bodies EA series guitar is still smaller, thinner, and probably more comfortable for someone switching from electric, but it's just simply not going to be as loud as a pure acoustic as the F52 or WB400 as they are not all solid tone woods like these models are.  It's all a matter of speculation until you get your hands on a guitar at a dealership.  I hope you make a decision you will be happy with, there are a LOT of options.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / It's Interesting
« on: March 05, 2008, 04:52:05 PM »
Originally posted by YerDugliness

Thanks, deltacaster!

Now, a bit more, what kind of Washburn guits do you play, what kind of music do you like, whereabouts are you located, etc--and welcome back!

Dugly [8D]

I have a J3, HB30TS, WI64TR, T24NM, OG10CETR (Oscar Schmidt) and I'm sure some other bizarre things related with this job (keyboard, violin, ??)  will get more, I'm sure.

Working on more, in in the Chicago area.. ya know.. where Washburn is?  Thanks for the Welcome.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / It's Interesting
« on: March 05, 2008, 04:33:05 PM »
Originally posted by YerDugliness

Originally posted by Rocket

Originally posted by YerDugliness

So, deltacaster, how about introducing yourself, or better yet, post a bio on What makes you tick on the General Discussion board--I'm sure we're all going to want to know more about you!

Everybody who's anybody around here knows Stacy!

Sure thing.

First and foremost, I'll dispell the most common misconception.  I'm a DUDE, not a girl.  That should get rid of most interest in who I am here :)  You wouldn't believe the number of emails I get from guys who have sent me their photo's because my name is Stacy.    

I'm customer service for Washburn, going on 3 years now.  Got a pretty good understanding of the product lines, talk to you guys on the phone all day every day, and answer your emails sent through to customer service.  I'm on the frontline, and believe in the product.  Despite the homemade guitars pictured on my myspace page I still use Washburn electrics and acoustics as well in my own music.

I'll be around keeping an eye on things here, and trying to help where I can.  You want to contact us in a manner more timely than this forum, just send a request through the Washburn website.  We see every one of them and will reply if we can make ANY sense out of the question whatsoever.

Glad to be here, hope to get to know some of you guys better.

Stacy Puckett
Washburn Customer Service

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