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Thanks Tony.  Great information.  This would be the first Washburn I have ever owned if I am able to buy it.  It plays very good but needs new strings.  Everything else looks good, but needs cleaned and polished. Neck looks straight and frets in good shape.  String height is good and the nut & bridge look original with little to no wear.  Pick guard is in good shape no scratches.  There is a light spot in the finish on the neck to the top and behind the first fret.  No case is included.  Is electrified (just discovered that when checking out the strap posts) and the pickup mic works well.  Owner said he has not touched the guitar for over 4 or 5 years.  It has been stored in an old case (not included).  I am an average player and a group of us old guys meet once or twice a week to pick and have fun.  I have always liked the sound of a 12 string.  Thought this would fit the bill if I could get it at the right price.

Need help and info.  Have chance to pick up a 12 string Washburn, model D-25S 12/N, Ser # 8610116.  Can anyone tell me how old the guitar is and what is worth?  Guitar is in great shape but needs cleaned up and new strings.  Appreciate any information.  Thanks

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