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Bump for the topic..  Does the addition of the measurements provide any clues as to the identity?  I found embedded in a book preview in Google Books a chart indicating this size was #4, or Grand Auditorium.  Does that track with any references others may have?


Thanks, Ship;  I was hoping it would be you who chimed in since I'd seen you answer a lot of other folks with similar questions. 

Regarding the Style # on the label, I had gotten that notion from another thread, where a fellow had posted a similar question.  Someone pointed out that it was often on the label, but usually very faded.  Turns out that the original poster had one that was indeed faded, but when you looked close, there it was.  Here's the post:

Here's the picture;  the stamp is pretty much dead center on the part of the label that is over the center reinforcement strip, below the words "Label is not" in the white space in the label and above the word 'Diploma' on the red border.  Very faded but there.  On my laptop's screen, if I tilt the screen away from me, the contrast seems to improve and you can see it clearer.*74MWI8EKEVZi0rZyGsCP-ypWEf5hquRk0ozTkSkynjat4MuC0xsbrE/IMAG0477.jpg

Having read that post, I double-checked my label, and sure enough, it's there, too; I can read the word STYLE, but can't make out the 3-digit number below it, except the 1st digit is a 3. 

Measurements of the body are"   19 5/8" long,  14 1/2" wide lower bout, 10 3/8" upper bout.

Hello all;   brand new member here.  First, let me commend you all on your forum. By searching other people's Q & A's, I'm zeroing in on my guitar's identity.  Just hoping some folks can weigh on definitively and also advise on what strings to use.  I purchased this from Craigslist.  It is spruce over Brazillian rosewood, with an ebony bridge and fretboard. The fretboard has round inlays of MOP at 5, 7, and 9 only.Its appointments are very simple, but very pretty;  Herringbone purfling on the top. a 3-ring rosette (the outer and inner rings are 3-ply b-w-b, the inner ring is 5-ply b-w-r-w-b), Braz  headstock overlay and heel cap.

It has potential to be a real beauty, but not without it's issues.  Some soundboard cracks, which I have glued and cleated.  A split in the side, which I have also repaired.  The original bridge had split, and the ebony was really degrading, so I've removed, and sourced a replacement.  I've gotten the neck off for a reset. And lastly, there was some really nasty, thickly applied shellac all over the body, neck and fretboard.  I mean it was just slathered on. I got that off with denatured alcohol and steel wool, but I'm sure I've removed most of the original finish as well (unfortunate, but there was nothing to be done).

So now, I am at the point of finishing up some sanding details, bridge replacement (with accompanying bridge-plate repair), and a neck reset.

Having said all of this, I hope to find what year and model I have, and recommendations on strings.  The markings I can see are the serial # on the oval label is A-4757, and matched by an accompanying ink stamp on the neck block.  There is nothing on the top or back of the headstock.  On the very butt end of the dovetail part of the neck,  are the numbers 3 12, the the 3 is 'over' the 12, perhaps for space.  On the label itself, and very faint, is the word 'Style'  with a 3 digit number below, but is very faint.  Other than that, and the description of the appointments above, I have nothing else to go on, aside from some very close, but smaller, ones I've found on this website.

My assumption are: the A-4757 puts it between 1907 and 1910 (based on datings I saw of serial #s lower and higher). It is a Model 312, based on this link:, which is almost a dead-ringer, but not quite in terms of the soundhole rosette and headstock overlay, but VERY close.  Am I right?  Can someone zero in on the date more accurately, and confirm /dispute the model #, or offer another?

I'm attaching a link to my photobucket album, and just now realized that measurements would help as well.  Will post those as soon as I get home.  In the interim, below the link to the album is another link I found on this forum to a Style 115 that is almost identical, but as I said, smaller than mine.  Also, the Style # on my label, though faint and almost illegible, is definitely not '115'


Lastly;  was this made for gut-string/nylon strings?  The bridge had a straight-across (non-compensated) saddle.  The replacement has a compensated saddle.  WOuld it withstand light silk and steels?  Any other suggestions on strings?

ANy and all help appreciated;  I've tried to do as much homework as I could before asking. 

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