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That's awesome Skee! Many thanks!

Hey guys,

I'm a total noob and managed to lose one of the small cubes out of my bridge on my N2 (you know, the ones that go in the rectangle with the string?)

So, here's my question: How/Can I get a replacement for it?

Cheers, Tom.

Hi Guys,

I bought this N2 a while back, never got round to stringing and playing it.

Interested in selling it, because I'm going off to uni and I need the money.

If anyone could give me any info about it and maybe what sort of price I should be asking for it, that'd be great!

The serial number is: 0120885

Cheers, Tom.

Originally posted by David McConnell

What info are you looking for?
I've got an N2 but never bothered finding much out about it because they are easy to come by & factory made.

Just the year it was made and where it was made really. Almot bought a Chinese one the other day and I've heard such bad things about them I want to make sure I get a Korean model this time.

Hey guys,
Seen other people getting info based on the serial number but have no idea how to do it, so could anyone give me the info on this N2: 0120885

Hey guys,
I've just bought an N2 off eBay and have heard this talk about the difference between the Korean and Chinese models?
How can I tell where it was made? Don't have the serial number yet, only thing I've noticed from the picture is that the dots on the fret board are on the top of the fret board, not in the middle, does this tell us anything?
Thanks for helping!

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