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I need a wiring schematic for an A15V. Has three single coils and is basically the same set up as a strat but it has a 5 way switch I am unfamiliar with and I have no idea how to wire it. A strat type 5 way wont fit in the pick guard, the screws are too far apart. Just instructions on wiring the switch would get me by.

I have a 1984 Strat Made by Stephen Davies, best known for his extended cut away on the Nuno guitar.  I am just wondering if anyone else has a guitar similar to mine.  It is better than any fender I have ever owned.  I sent some pictures of it to Mr. Davies and he told me it had vintage dimarzio pickups and he remembered making it, pretty cool.  It has a koa top and binding around the body.

I would add pictures but can't figure out how.  Email me if you would like some.

Someone tell me how to add pics.


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