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N Series (Nuno Bettencourt) / My N4 build
« on: June 25, 2009, 07:43:08 PM »
Well, it's finally finished.  It's so easy and fun to play, I've been playing it almost nonstop.  Great tones from a Dimarzio Steve's Special in the bridge, SD '59 in the neck (although I'm probably going to do something different there one day), and mini toggles for phase reversal and series/parallel options.  Nice variance in tone:  can get some country spank and bluesy hollow-sounding tones in addition to the metal stuff.

This was the first guitar I've done with the SEC, a Floyd Rose, and an oil finish.  Also happy to report that it's the best fret job I've done (my third) so I guess practice really does make...uh, better.

Warning:  Don't look too closely.  The closer you look, the less well done my work appears [:D]).
In the beginning
Body by Warpdrive

I read ZeGlobox's wiring page and liked it a lot.  But I was wondering if anyone does anything a little more out of the ordinary.  Anything like switches for series/parallel, phase reversal, adding a tone pot (not concentric), etc. is what I'm talking about.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / N4 pic request
« on: February 27, 2009, 06:09:03 PM »
Anyone have a good pic of the Spanish Luthier's Headstock Joint (as Washburn puts it)from the side?  Poring over hundreds of internet pics has yielded very little that is helpful.  I would love to see the join of the two pieces of wood along with the headstock from the player's perspective (top view). I have been trying to wrap my brain around how the scarf joint there joins farther away from the nut than on other guitars and I think a good closeup might help.

Thanks in advance for helping a brother out.

Hi guys.  I like your forum and was hoping I could get a bit of help.

I'm putting together a DIY N4 and was wondering if I could get these measurements for accuracy:

-width at nut
-width at 12th fret
-thickness at nut
-thickness at 12th fret
-fret size

Thanks for your help.  I'm forever in your debt.

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