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Hello Washburners,

I will stop some time the assemble of my N4's and work on this by nostalgia.

I'm customizing my first washburn (first guitar also), I will remove the paint,
change pickups and doing some adjustment here and there.
I have a Washburn floyd rose, probably will put it, dunno.

This is my seven years used WR150:

Basswood body (I think)

Can anyone recommend me pickups?
It caught my attention
(yeah, the pickup cost more that the whole guitar when I bought it, and new),
but I'm still looking for options.

EDIT: forgot to put the link.

Show Us Your Washburn / My N4 Vintage w birdseye
« on: June 02, 2009, 11:18:32 PM »
It arrived today!

It sound and plays fantastic! [:D]
I thought I will only know birdseye watching a N6 :)
It can split humbuckers to singlecoils,
Bought used at great price
What can I add? It's awesome!!!

Serial Number: 0804178


I'm going to assemble two N4 that recently bought from ebay. The seller told me that he acquired the bodys and necks from Washburn, but they don't have any text imprinted, so probably they are not from Washburn :(

I currently have an original N4SA, in which I changed the L500L for a B&B L500XL. One of the guitars that I need to assemble is also of SA, for not to be repetitive, can someone recommend me another pickups for this one? The other one, is Padauk, it weighs a lot more, and in this one I will put the pair 59' and B&B.

Someone knows the exactly model of tuners used in the originals? I think they are Grover Rotomatics 102-18 Series, but I want to be sure. I don't find the Left-hand ones in the Grover page, they only offer the Mini-Rotomatics as Left-hand. Is this important?

Many thanks! and sorry for my english, I leave you some pics:

(the orange one is the original N4SA)

Any info or comments will be greatly appreciated [:)]

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