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X Series / hey maybe you can help I.D. this axe?
« on: June 08, 2009, 02:13:58 PM »
posted questions to the general elec. guitar list .....but no one had the correct info for me. perhaps you X-series Xperts can provide some pertinent facts specific to my new purchase... an x-series Washburn X-16 G14 , string through body guitar with a black body and grey top that has a very subtle ( not the new colorful skull artwork but an older skull design that is more like a sepia tattoo)....skull design on the butt.
                                         looks like the guitar was only available in Brazil so i'd like to know details about the materials and pickup output ( it has washburn's ....not the egnater ones)...when it was made? how much it sold for new? etc.....
                                           this superstrat plays like a dream and sounds way beyond it's price. i'm impressed. there is a pic of it at musical thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                      casual J.

2 X-16 G14.......PLEASE HELP !!
                                                    [:p] thanks !!!!
what /where/when about this guitar(please refer to the post.... my used WASHBURN X- seies

just picked up a string-through-body Washburn X-seies guitar with a grey top on a black body that has a cool skull graphic on the butt. i saw it on a brazilian web site as this particular model #...the X-16 G14. it has two humbuckers and no tremelo bar(obviously).
      can't find any info out about it so can you folks help? i'd like to know:
             -- how old?
             -- original price new
             -- body material
             -- pick up type (egnater or washburn)
             -- pick up output and resistance Hz
             -- owner's comments , etc....
it plays way beyond it's price and gives  my strats and ibanez RGs some healthy competition for playing time. any and all info...maybe even some pics would be very welcome. thanks sooooooo much ! casual.

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