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Acoustic Basses / Help me evaluating my strange ab-20 bass
« on: January 08, 2013, 04:45:22 AM »
Hello everyone! I'm first on this very helpful forum and i'm sorry for my bad english..

I have bought yesterday an ab-20 washburn acoustic bass for 270 euros (that means maybe 330 dollars) and it looks very good: no scratches, frets are ok and fingerboard too..only the equalizator (EQ300) has some scratches..but the electric parts are ok..
I've never seen on the web an ab-20 like has no logo and has a little piece of wood for the thumb..i think the top is of hardwood..the fingerboard of rosewood

The serial number is 1990000107..that means it was made in the 1990?
Have I payed it too much?

I post some images of the bass in hoping to recieve some information about it...thank you

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