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I'm new to the board, so please forgive my ignorance.   :D  I recently acquired a J28SCEDL.  I love the nice bright acoustic sound; perfect for "church music".  But when plugged in it produces an ear-splitting CRACK when the 1/4" plug is rotated even the slightest bit.  Is this just a matter of cleaning?  This guitar hasn't been used much at all, so I'd be surprised if it was that simple.  I've swapped out the cable and the problem remains.  Thanks for any advice you can supply.

Also, can anyone identify this preamp with Taylor-esque controls?  I've NEVER seen an acoustic/electric with the master volume knob in the top.  Not 100% sure, but it looks factory-installed.

Lastly, any help decoding this serial number?  I'd like to know the year of production, and any other hidden gems.  Thanks!!

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