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General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Fret Size on a Washburn N2
« on: September 25, 2017, 09:46:55 AM »
I have an N2 that I got cheap, doing some modifications on it right now as a project guitar... I was going to level/dress the frets, but looks like the previous owner banged the fret board with strings on and the 3rd fret has a sharp deep gouge.

Few dimples in a few frets, otherwise a quick level and it should be fine, so I don't want to replace all the frets, just that one.

Anyone know what size/type I need to order online? Like crown width/height/etc in mm.. I always thought there were 2 or 3 sizes, apparently not... I'd like to get as close a match as I can if possible. Thanks

N Series (Nuno Bettencourt) / flea market find
« on: June 15, 2014, 06:40:20 PM »
Haven't played in years, but nephew does so sometimes keep an eye open for him.

At a flea market today, found under a few things in a dark corner, a nuno series Washburn. Its a 2 piece solid bridge, like a Led Paul would have not a whammy bar, dual humbuckers, the lead one has rails not dots, and the lock piece is missing off the top nut. Otherwise pretty good shape, very very dark blue/violet almost black.

No manufacturer location on the back plate or headstock. Serial 1050710.

Hoped to just hop online with the s/n and get some details but seems that Washburn has a variety of serial number formats used over the years.

Anyone know what it is that I have? In terms of year, country made, hardware... And also I guess if generic parts would fit for the missing tail and lock?


EDIT - Back has the cutout for the springs and such, which made me wonder so I looked in the light and on a certain angle you can see where a full bridge once sat so, the 2-piece Les Paul styled bridge is aftermarket. I'll likely fill the back in and repaint the guitar.

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