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Hollowbody & Jazz Series / so far-disappointment with new HB35
« on: January 23, 2016, 10:29:09 PM »
 :(    Intonation is terrible-so I figured no big deal, I'll just adjust the saddles. well the screws that move the individual saddles have a huge, almost round hole in them? no screwdriver I have comes close to fitting? am I missing something?
This is a new guitar ordered directly from Mississippi for me by a music store. Neck is fine-...No matter what else I could do I really cannot believe the screws.

I mean is it a special tool or something? pretty bummed-guitar is unplayable. of course I could just raise the tom on the bad side EAD are way, way out, but GBE are perfect.
I really do not want a guitar that I cannot adjust an individual saddle on.  any help appreciated. I like the guitar, the neck, etc-looks beautiful.
This never was in the store-it was delivered and I picked it up at the store 1 hour later.

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