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Idol Series / WI14 camo - just picked up for my son, any info?
« on: December 07, 2016, 07:34:22 AM »
Hi All, I'm not a guitarist myself but my 16 year old son is and he is playing a very cheap no-name strat style guitar after something like 7 years. I feel pretty bad that we've not been able to replace it with something better before now but what with his age and wanting an amp, acoustic guitar, bass and drums (!!!), most stuff has had to be either el cheapo or second hand on a budget.

My brother played guitar back in the 90's and I remember from hanging around with the band and seeing his guitar mags etc that Washburn had a good name so when I saw this for sale locally (Scotland) for a decent price I snapped it up.

Since getting it home I can see it needs work (missing the output jack and plate), but the colour scheme intrigued me. It's a sort of dusty camo with (and no I didn't notice this before I bought it) nude silhouette ladies on it.

No matter how much I have tried I have not been able to find out much at all about this model WI14, or this camo colour scheme.

It would be nice to learn a bit about it, and be able to get it working again, and make a decision about whether this is in fact a guitar worthy of someone like him after playing as long as he has, or if in fact I should sell it once working and put the funds towards something better if it's not that much better than what he has already.

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